Press Release: GTXM Partners With Octopus

Press Release:

GTXM’s partnership with Global Competitive Intelligence Agency, Octopus, further strengthens a diverse eco-system of specialist capabilities.

This partnership offers an exciting opportunity for GTXM customers. By meeting the increasing need for real time market insights. And providing the answers businesses need.

GTXM is quickly establishing itself as a leading business partner for tech companies. Interestingly, the combination of its unique approach to new business, as well as, unrivalled intelligence on new markets is empowering ambitious organisations to successfully discover. And importantly, win new customers.

Graeme Dixon, CEO of Octopus said “Well, the GTXM partnership provides a powerful extension to the Octopus offering. And their insight based programs as well as their unique expertise will help our customers to act on the market intelligence we provide. And create compelling advantages within their growth markets”

Octopus is the UK based Global Competitive Intelligence Agency manages intelligence projects and discrete internal intelligence services. And they work with companies of various sizes. So, from a UK middle market technology company to a far east multi-national television manufacturer and everything in between. So, Octopus answers questions. And then offers recommendations to help win more business and understand markets, as well as, protect against and disrupt competitors.

Terry Sallas, Director and Co-Founder of GTXM said: “Customers need new business activities to be intelligent and systematic.  But, also responsive to real time insights. So, this partnership is further evidence of our conviction to place the right market intelligence at the heart of every growth program we provide. So we are excited about working with the Octopus team and what this means for customers”

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