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Octopus Is A Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence Agency and Strategic Advisory Firm. Nottingham and United States-based with Clients around the world.

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Bespoke People-Powered, and Insightful

We help Find Your Real Competitive Advantage with Bespoke People-Powered and Insightful Competitive Intelligence, market intelligence and strategic analysis

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This is what we do, but why bespoke people-powered and insightful?


Bespoke because every project we do is different. So our unique service capabilities are designed precisely to suit the mission.

We see things differently. We are distinctive, refreshing, creative, innovative, and approachable.


People-powered as we don’t give you access to a platform and let you get on with it.

We do the work and dig around to find the answers.

We use technology but are never dependent on or blinded by it.


We put work in at the beginning, so we will not start a project until everything is defined, understood & clear to everyone.

We will happily talk to you for hours to get any potential project absolutely right. Great questions deliver insightful answers.

3-step approach to competitive advantage

Combining hard work, human thinking, technology, business savvy, and common sense.

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Our three-step solution for your competitive intelligence/market intelligence needs:

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1. Discovery: During our initial discussions, we work with you to understand your situation, needs, and decisions. We ask pertinent questions to find out where your pain is and create a bespoke framework of understanding. We develop a mission and a set of clearly defined questions to answer to solve your concerns and improve your competitive advantage.

2. Insight: Our end product is a valuable insight that you can do something with. We find this insight through competitive intelligence, market intelligence, competitor analysis, strategic intelligence and other services (see below). We go the extra mile to locate and speak to the right people and employ a combination of digital and terrestrial practices. Creating a clear picture by mapping out what’s happening, finding patterns and themes, and presenting evidence-based explanations to give you the confidence to move forward. We isolate the context and what it all means for you and your competitive advantage.

3. Now What? So, what’s your next move? We don’t stop at just delivering the mission. We can continue to add value by exploring other markets and competitors and offering supplementary services. This approach is often more cost-effective than adding internal resources.

The result is clear: you make the right decisions to beat your competitors, increase market share, find opportunities, and improve your bottom line. Our insights are broken down into the following services:

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Competitive intelligence and market intelligence services

Go To Market and competitive strategy services

That’s how we do it.

What we do is Competitive intelligence. It’s all about creating more certainty and competitive advantage based on the four key areas of hindsight, insight, foresight and oversight. Competitive analysis consultants and market intelligence agency. We have a brilliant track record of analysing many companies competition. From start-ups to corporate markets, we can help them with our powerful competitive strategy and analysis solutions. And here is an alphabetical list of our capabilities.

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