What we do.

We offer bespoke people-powered competitive intelligence services.

We create actionable insight with bespoke people-powered competitive intelligence

We create actionable insight | With a bespoke approach to competitive intelligence

We believe in a holistic, bespoke approach to competitive intelligence and competitive strategy. Combining hard work, human thinking, technology, business savvy, and common sense. Our 3-step approach gets the most out of competitive intelligence.

3-step approach to competitive advantage

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Competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence offers tools and techniques to provide more certainty, competitive advantage, insight & growth.

Due diligence investigations

Identify and reduce operational and reputational risk and increase certainty before decisions are made with our due diligence & risk services.

Investor related services

It’s good to know when looking to invest or find out how an investment is progressing, and you can have us in your corner.

More details on our tools and techniques

Most want to know that we can improve certainty and have the experience and capability to deliver the answers. Some want to know the tools and techniques we use. So, here are more details of how we do things. And here is an alphabetical list

Transform your competitive advantage

Our services answer the questions you need to know to beat your competitors. And, yes, transform your competitive advantage.

Does this resonate with you?

You know how you may not be happy with the level of growth you are experiencing. New and existing competitors are bringing out new products weekly. You may feel your competitive advantage is threatened. Or worse still, you are not sure you have an advantage anymore. Maybe you are not sure who your competitors are or where your market is heading. Or want to move into new markets or investments, but want more certainty before you make your move.

You just want to know where you are, what others are doing, what the future could hold, and what you can do about it.

Competitive Intelligence may be the answer, but you are unsure how to proceed. And you are wary of platforms boasting a quick fix when they are so obviously not.

We are here for you.

Competitive intelligence is all about creating more certainty and competitive advantage based on the four key areas of hindsight, insight, foresight and oversight. Competitive analysis consultants UK, US and beyond.

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