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Creating the insight you can do something with.

To get to know your competitors better
See what’s next in your market
Win more business

We’re all about your competitive advantage.

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Creating insight you can do something with

Bespoke people-powered competitive intelligence and future insight.

We’re all about your competitive advantage by providing answers to better understand your markets and competitors.

The insight that enables growth and smarter decisions.

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Operating in disruptive and traditional sectors, we have your back. As the global competitive intelligence consulting agency, we leave no rock unturned to answer the what, the how, the now and, critically, the next. 

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So what do we really do and stand by?

When someone says "my position/case/argument", it usually means they are going to argue with you if you disagree with them.

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Bespoke people-powered competitive intelligence to:

  • Isolate problems
  • Define trends
  • Deliver answers
  • Provide more confidence
  • Understand what’s next
  • Suggest the best way forward

A great global track record and trusted by brands, middle-market players, tech, investors and start-up innovators to answer the questions they need to know.

We are distinctive, refreshing, creative, innovative, and approachable. We are the best OSINT & competitive intelligence advisory for your competitive advantage & growth.


Octopus Intelligence has done some brilliant competitor research for us over the years and can get information you would have thought impossible.

Global CMO UK plc

You reminded us to be a people business, not just a tech business. Octopus can harvest OSINT & primary information very few can provide within market intelligence.

CEO UK software company

Thank you for all the work in supporting our global competitive intelligence needs. It’s a great partnership that provides value to our businesses.

Global product manager of a global manufacturer

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Answering questions like what your competitors are doing and why they are doing it. And also:

  • Who is threatening your business?
  • What should your next move be
  • Where can you increase your revenue and profits?
  • When will they launch their new product?
  • Why are your competitors doing that?
  • How can you anticipate competitors’ plans and take advantage?
  • Which market should you move into or get out of?
  • How much more business can you win in new and existing markets?