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Read the true stories created from our work. Meet the clients using our market insight to create more business and better business. To create a competitive advantage.

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Every business has its challenges. However, for each of these case studies, Octopus brought a solution. So, here is just a selection of competitive intelligence case studies of the challenges we solved. See how we’ve helped others. And think about how we can help you.

A leading tech company asked Octopus Competitive Intelligence to provide insight at five conferences and tradeshows. A wake up call.

The CEO of a well-known firm of UK financial advisors wanted to know how to bring the efficiencies of technology into their business and improve their competitive advantage.

The Group Marketing Director of a software house wanted the software company to be seen as a leader in responsible business.

We were asked to take a look at a market opportunity for a subsidiary of a major European specialist manufacturer. This is a competitive intelligence case study of new markets created from old ones.

With their Open Banking API, an International bank came to Octopus Intelligence for help with market access and competitor analysis.

We show how our two offerings combined to provide our client with an additional £5m (at least) in annual revenues. Practically overnight. 

About a best-in-class product struggling to gain market share. Read about a product struggling to gain market share.

Competitive Intelligence revealed a new market for an Oil & Gas client. We explained how we answered the questions so our client could initiate a targeted growth campaign.

We looked at two new potential markets for an online household name. They got excellent insight and more certainty to base to decide which direction to take. 

How competitor intelligence increased sales for a facilities management company. And it explains how easy it is to take your clients for granted.

Our competitor was experiencing a competitive fog with lots of chatter, cool interviews, vlogs, and podcasts about how well their competitors were doing. They thought they could be getting left behind. But were they?

Competitors have come into your market offering something similar. At the same time, your sign-ups and sales are beginning to peak, and you see a worrying decline. 

This case study shows that our client acknowledged that they were uncertain about their competitor. But respected them enough to change that.

A group of investors were looking at a new market and brought Octopus in to check they were not looking at the opportunity through rose-tinted glasses. To determine which companies were selling what and to who.

A successful global legal firm was haemorrhaging business within a critical finance sector. Mergers were going on all around them, and its marketing team needed to find out why and do something about it.

A leading UK military communications PLC wanted to know its competitors better. It was losing business to new market entrants, who the company believed were working on too many products.

Our competitive intelligence prevented the loss of significant funds. Our investigations showed how an investment opportunity wasn’t what it seemed. 

Our client is a world-renowned British fashion icon. They had been making and selling the same sort of thing since well before Queen Victoria was on the throne.

They had previously used consultants from one of the big firms and were disappointed by the general lack of unique thinking and their template approach to competitive intelligence. 

Our competitor was experiencing a competitive fog with lots of chatter, cool interviews, vlogs, and podcasts about how well their competitors were doing. They thought they could be getting left behind. But were they?

You start picking up other organisations’ stock. And you think, why not offer this logistics network to other companies? But it’s a different market with new challenges. A detailed market analysis of their potential industry.

A best-in-class product struggling to gain market share. Read about the best-in-class product struggling to gain market share.

How Competitive Intelligence helped a software provider better understand their competitive environment. And gave them a deeper understanding of their main threat.

A newly funded Silicon Valley SaaS company wanted to take the world by storm. But the trouble was it had a few competitors who had also had a cash injection.

Our client was concerned and wanted to know why and how to stop the decline. They were also beginning to experience customer churn problems too.

You know how you want to expand from an already booming marketplace? And you see many new markets getting an inferior product offering? And you know customers would love what you do?

You start picking up other organisations’ stock. And you think, why not offer this logistics network to other companies? But it’s a different market with new challenges. A detailed market analysis of their potential industry.

Here is an example of how discreetly talking to the right people helped a banking tech company. This is called primary research or Humint if you want to make it sound more exciting and dark art.

An example. A manufacturer asked us to help them understand a new competitor. It was an unknown competitor who had come out of nowhere.

A large enterprise financial software house wished to increase market influence and revenue. They produced a very popular and well-used API that allowed one financial platform to talk to another. However, its investors were putting pressure on them to expand their offering.

Case Studies: Harnessing the Power of Competitive Intelligence

Our case studies exemplify Octopus Competitive Intelligence’s capabilities and showcase our services’ impact on your business. Each study provides a glimpse into how we have helped clients across different industries, unveiling the secrets of success through the strategic use of competitive intelligence. These real-world examples may inspire you and spark ideas for addressing your own business needs.

We assisted a company in identifying key competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. By leveraging customer win-loss data, we provided valuable insights that enabled the company to optimise its sales strategy.

Another case study explores how we helped a client struggling to identify the root cause of an internal problem. Through competitive intelligence, we pinpointed opportunities and uncovered the underlying cause of their pain, empowering them to take corrective actions.

For an aircraft manufacturer, our primary research and subsequent analysis enabled them to gain a deeper understanding of their market and competitors. We provided actionable insights on potential market opportunities and defined a robust marketing strategy to drive success.

In fintech banking, our competitive intelligence aided an international bank in navigating the open banking landscape. By identifying growth opportunities and assessing competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, we guided them in developing a winning open banking strategy, positioning them as a leading provider.

Increased their revenue by £5 million overnight

We also highlight a case study where a well-known building materials company significantly increased revenues by £5 million annually. Through competitor analysis, we identified market gaps and growth opportunities. This knowledge allowed the company to refine its marketing strategy and tailor its services to meet customer needs more effectively.

Furthermore, we delve into how a security product company utilised our comprehensive competitive landscape analysis to identify areas for improvement. By refining their product features, pricing, and marketing messaging based on our insights, they experienced increased sales and market share.

Another case study illustrates how a fintech company leveraged our market intelligence to identify new areas for growth. By refining their products and enhancing their marketing messaging, they achieved increased customer acquisition and revenue growth.

We present a study where we helped an oil and gas client uncover a new market opportunity. Through in-depth research on their competitors and the market landscape, we provided valuable insights that enabled them to develop new strategies and enter a previously untapped market.

In collaboration with a household-name UK company, our comprehensive analysis of their competitive environment, market trends, and customer behaviour empowered them to make informed decisions about their future direction and allocate resources strategically.

Our case studies also highlight how we assisted various businesses, including a facilities management company, in identifying and targeting their most profitable customers. Through intelligence gathering and customer data analysis, we created detailed audience profiles, allowing them to tailor their marketing and sales efforts for maximum impact.

Reduced churn

Additionally, we showcase how our competitive intelligence helped businesses reduce customer churn, refine pricing strategies, identify potential investors and partners, and develop effective marketing campaigns, ultimately improving their competitiveness in the market.

At Octopus Intelligence, we pride ourselves on delivering actionable Market Insight Case Studies that provide our clients with a deep understanding of their competitive landscape. Each case study showcases our comprehensive approach to gathering and analysing data, yielding insights that drive strategic decision-making. Our market insight case studies are a testament to our commitment to helping businesses identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and stay ahead in their respective industries. Delve into our diverse collection of case studies and discover how Octopus Intelligence transforms insights into a competitive advantage.”

In summary, our case studies demonstrate the breadth and depth of Octopus Competitive Intelligence’s capabilities. With our expertise, businesses of all sizes can gain a competitive edge, drive growth, and make informed strategic decisions. Contact us today to unlock the power of competitive intelligence for your business.

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