Competitive Intelligence Case Studies

Read the true stories created from our Competitive Intelligence work. Meet the clients and people using our Market Insight to create more business and better business. What did they know, what did they want to know, what did they learn, and when would you do in a similar situation?

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Every business has its challenges. However, to each of these Octopus can bring the solution. So, here is just a selection of Competitive Intelligence case studies of the challenges we solved. See how we’ve helped others. And think about how we can help you.

By answering the questions you need to ask, we can help deliver the outcome you’re looking for, such as, an informed strategy for increased sales and greater customer loyalty.  Also, most importantly, improved profitability.

We hope these Competitive Intelligence case studies were of interest. And we would love to help you too.

We hope you have found these Competitive Intelligence case studies of interest. And we would love to help you too. When you need to win more business, have greater certainty and when you just need to beat your competitors. Octopus is an Intelligence and Strategy consulting firm focused on creating certainty, insight, competitive advantage and significant growth for clients operating in disruptive and traditional sectors.

We live in an uncertain, competitive and ever-shifting world. So it’s reassuring that we have your back and leave no rock unturned to answer the what and the how, the now and the next. We isolate problems, deliver answers and suggest the best way forward to grow. Using our real-world experience and best in class:

We are trusted by brands, middle-market players, investors and start-up innovators. We offer a boutique feel with a big business capability and real global reach. 

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