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Trusted by the boards, in-house strategy, product, marketing & innovation teams of brands, middle-market players, global consulting firms, PE investors & start-up innovators.

We have worked with and partnered with many clients in many sectors

Here is a selection of clients we have worked with. Naturally, the nature of what we do means many other clients wish to remain anonymous and keep the competitive advantage we have given them to themselves. Industry knowledge doesn’t blind us, and sector experience doesn’t make us too proud to be naive enquirers.

Over the years, we have successfully worked in many diverse sectors, including all types of tech, including Fintech, Martech, Biotech & Medtech | All types of investors| enterprise software | building materials | space | security & defence | manufacturing | professional services | energy | consumer & industrial goods | ESG & climate.

We are trusted by the boards, product management, marketing teams of brands, investors, strategy, risk and innovation directors.

Some of the Brands we have worked and partnered with include:

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The Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals, or SCIP. A global community of Intelligence Strategists; leaders who leverage insights and best practices to enable smart strategic choices and transformational growth.

ESIA is Europe’s key Strategic Intelligence think tank.

As a result of our think tank activities, ESIA has developed a network of quality providers which enables us to provide excellent services.

Mitigate risk while operating internationally – ESIA members deliver a comprehensive range of services to answer the significant challenges corporations face when they expand internationally. And what government and financial institutions face when they conduct due diligence regarding overseas partners, investments and borrowers.

Headquartered in Paris, ESIA and its network of trusted intelligence professionals is managed by ABDM. ESIA is a non-profit association co-founded by ADIT and ABDM. And is a network of 300 consultants from more than 20 nationalities in 150 countries.

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