Tech competitive intelligence case study that leads to a Game-Changing Strategy

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Tech competitive intelligence case study that leads to a Game-Changing Strategy

Staying ahead of the competition is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. This is a case study of how Octopus recently transformed the fortunes of a mid-sized tech firm struggling to find its footing in a saturated market.


Our client, a burgeoning technology company, faced fierce competition. Especially from one competitor in particular.  

Despite having innovative solutions, they were unable to make significant market headway. It was particularly frustrating that their customers told them their product was much better. So they believed their competitor was great at marketing and less about substance. Yes, they offered a good product, but one that had limitations. Their challenge was not just understanding their competition. It was about outmanoeuvring them. To find the right go-to-market message to beat their competitor more often. 


The primary hurdle was the lack of actionable intelligence. The client had basic competitor insights. However, they lacked the depth needed for strategic decision-making. Their approach to market analysis was reactive, not proactive, leaving them always a step behind. They struggled to find the information. They didn’t want to be seen asking questions about their competitor. Alerting the market to their perceived concerns and their competitor’s strengths. Here is the associated story: Real-Life Competitive Intelligence Story And The Growth Of Orion Data Technologies

Enter Octopus. Our approach was twofold:

Deep-Dive Analysis

We conducted a comprehensive study of the competitor using data analytics and human intelligence. This wasn’t just about what the competitors were doing but predicting what they would do next. We broke down their main competitor’s products, asking insiders the right questions. Confirming or uprooting those statements their competitor claims about their product’s speed, capabilties and power. We then dissected their go-to-market strategy and defined what they said to potential customers. How did we do this? Not with some super whizzy AI-powered tool. We talked to people. 

Strategic Implementation: Equipped with our findings, we helped the client recalibrate their strategy. This included 

  • Product positioning
  • Pricing strategies
  • Marketing approaches 

All of which attempted to exploit competitors’ weaknesses and capitalise on market trends. And to be fair to the competitor most of what they were boosting about was true. 

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The transformation was remarkable:

  • Increased Market Share: Within six months, the client saw a 20% increase in market share. They understood their competitor’s main strengths and capabilities. And most convinced the new customer that their product matched their needs better. As their competitor had really powerful (and costly) technology, using them was like using a sledgehammer to crack open a walnut. 
  • Improved Product Positioning: They repositioned their offering to resonate with consumer needs and preferences.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Insights led to two significant industry partnerships, expanding their market reach.

Tech competitive intelligence case study that leads to a Game-Changing Strategy

This case study shows our commitment to delivering intelligence and crafting winning strategies. Our client moved from playing catch-up to get onto the road of leading the pack, all thanks to the power of informed, strategic decision-making. Yes, they had it confirmed that they were up against a formidable competitor with an excellent product. But now our client knows exactly where they stand. Giving them a better chance of improving their already excellent product and enhancing their go-to-market message. 

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Word of warnings

A word of warning. Having a single competitor that you obsess about is dangerous. And yes, obsess is the correct word. It blinds you. You believe most things you hear, and it gives everyone an excuse why business is not won. It can also catch you off guard. Another dangerous competitor is likely growing stronger in the reeds, ready to pounce. And pounce they will and destroy both you and your competitor’s advantage. 

Another word of warning. Having a problem like this, many think getting a battle card written is the way forward. Then, monitor everything a competitor publishes and what others say about them. They are all wonderful. But without actual intelligence skills and experience working on relevant questions to answer, it can be a waste of money. Also, companies tend to ask the sales leaders what they want in a battlecard. It’s never what the junior sales executive needs to know to blow a competitive threat out of the water. And if it is, it soon becomes outdated and the world changes. Usually quicker than those producing and approving battle cards. 

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