The Power of Competitive Product Intelligence in the Tech Industry to master your game

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The Power of Competitive Product Intelligence in the Tech Industry to master your game

If you’re in the tech industry, you know how important it is to keep up with the latest trends, innovations, releases, and competitors. It makes you wonder why some of your competitors don’t bother you. They get on building their products.  This article introduces the power of competitive product intelligence in the tech industry.

But how do you verify how your competitors are developing and positioning their solutions and how they compare to yours? This is where competitive product intelligence becomes a seriously good competitive advantage. A game changer. Competitive product intelligence is the process of gathering, analysing and using information about your competitors’ products to gain a strategic advantage. It helps you understand how your product stacks up against the alternatives regarding. And understand what your competitors are going to do next and how it’s going to affect you. Competitive product intelligence answers questions like: 

  • What features and functions do your competitors’ products offer
  • How do they work and:

User experience

Is using your competitors’ products easy, enjoyable and satisfying?

Sales execution

How well your competitors sell their products and how they position them in the market.

Customer feedback

What do your competitors’ customers think and feel about their products? 


What are your competitors planning to do next with their products?

What else? Competitor analysis, of course

Here are ways how you can use them to boost your product performance. Use feature matrices, feature maps or feature comparisons to visualise and compare their product capabilities. You can also use tools like user testing, surveys, or interviews to evaluate how well the features and functions meet the user’s needs and expectations. 

It is important to get beyond the website and marketing materials for this. Your competitors will only show “the sunny side” of their capabilities. We often find weaknesses and attack points through primary research interviews. 

Sales execution 

Tools like mystery shopping, sales calls or demos are used to observe and compare each product’s sales strategies, tactics, and techniques. You can also use tools like pricing analysis, value proposition or positioning statement to evaluate and compare each product’s pricing, value and differentiation. We get requests for demo analysis when clients don’t have the bandwidth, skill set, or access to do it themselves. Or don’t want to be seen to be looking and asking questions about them. Finding a competitor pricing model is also another popular request we receive. 

User experience

Usability testing, heuristic evaluation, or user journey mapping are used to assess and compare the usability, accessibility, aesthetics, and emotions of each product. Tools like analytics, feedback, or reviews measure and compare each product’s user satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Customer interviews can determine whether the sales approach matches reality. Competitor customers can provide functionality insights you can use to win.

Customer feedback

You can use tools like social media monitoring, review analysis or sentiment analysis to collect and compare each product’s opinions, preferences, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. You can also use tools like surveys, interviews or focus groups to gather and compare each product’s target audience’s needs, problems, goals and expectations. 


Trend analysis, primary interviews with customers to discover new features, functions, improvements, or innovations your competitors are working on or launching. 

Monitor current customers’ sales and marketing messages regarding upcoming releases and prepare accordingly. Competitive product intelligence is not a one-time activity. It’s an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring, updating and action. With a product focus, you can gain valuable insights into your competitors. Insight to drive better decisions, improve product quality and deliver more value to your users. And win more.

The Power of Competitive Product Intelligence in the Tech Industry to master your game

In conclusion, competitive product intelligence is an indispensable tool in the tech industry. It offers a comprehensive and strategic approach to understanding and outperforming your competition. Through various methods such as: 

  • Feature comparisons
  • User experience evaluations
  • Sales strategy analysis
  • Customer feedback interpretation

All to allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of your competitors: 

  • Products  
  • Strategies
  • Customer perceptions

Insight that goes beyond surface-level analysis. Delving into primary research to uncover hidden weaknesses and opportunities for differentiation.

Competitive product intelligence is not a static process. It demands continuous engagement and adaptation to stay ahead of market trends and competitor movements. By employing these tactics, you can make informed decisions. You can refine your products and align your sales and marketing efforts more effectively. Ultimately, deliver greater value to your customers. This ongoing commitment to competitive intelligence is key to gaining a significant advantage in your ever-evolving tech landscape. Leading to enhanced product performance and increased market success.

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