PRESS RELEASE: Academy of Competitive Intelligence announces a partnership with Octopus Intelligence

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PRESS RELEASE: Academy of Competitive Intelligence announces a partnership with Octopus Intelligence

27th July 2022: NEW YORK, United States, LONDON, United Kingdom

World-renowned Academy of Competitive Intelligence (ACI) announces a partnership with UK-based Competitive Intelligence agency, Octopus Intelligence.

“Over the past two decades,” says Dr. Ben Gilad, the Academy of Competitive Intelligence’s founder and CEO, “we have trained hundreds of competitive intelligence managers across Europe. We found out they are highly intelligent and strategic minded but have not yet secured their right place in their companies. We are about to change that with the help of this partnership with Octopus Intelligence.”

ACI and Octopus will combine by playing to each other’s strengths. Octopus provides a comprehensive, complete Competitive Intelligence solution and the Academy of Competitive Intelligence training collaboration will round up its offer.

ACI have trained hundreds of competitive intelligence manager

“ACI has been looking for a European partner for a long time,” says Ben, “and didn’t find anyone matching ACI’s approach to CI and my standards of excellence until I met Graeme Dixon and Darrell West of Octopus. While competitive intelligence relies on universal principles valid for every country and every industry in the world, organizational cultures are unique in either allowing or obstructing its full benefit to executives. No one knows UK/European cultures better than Octopus who has conducted thousands of projects across Europe, Africa and The Middle East.”

One of the best collectors of insight in the world

Octopus Intelligence enjoys the reputation as one of the best collectors of insight in the world, and ACI’s Competitive Intelligence Professional certification program (CIP™) is the leading global certification in competitive intelligence. The combination can benefit European companies who face growing competition from American and Asian players.  

Graeme Dixon, the founder of Octopus, said, “ACI’s course content, faculty and delivery is second to none. We have known Ben Gilad for many years, and he is considered an icon of Competitive Intelligence. No matter what technology comes along to make life easier for Competitive Intelligence professionals, the principles of the craft remain the same, and the winning formula for best practices focuses on the human element of it, not an automated platform.”

Joint courses will commence remotely January/February 2023.

For more information please see our Competitive Intelligence training page.

About Academy of Competitive Intelligence

Established in 1999, Academy of Competitive Intelligence (ACI) is the oldest and largest educational institution solely dedicated to helping companies better control strategic risks and discover new market opportunities with competitive intelligence. With over 10,000 alumni, and 3,000 certified Competitive Intelligence Professionals (CIP™s), ACI defines the frontier of CI training and has been an accredited provider of the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) for over 17 years consecutively.

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Octopus intelligence is a global Competitive Intelligence & competitive strategy agency. They create your competitive advantage by finding the answers to create more certainty with people-powered insight.

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