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What’s going to happen next, how can we create growth and increase business profits?

Be better informed with Foresight

  • Create growth and increase your revenues with Foresight
  • Develop and secure your business by recognising new opportunities
  • Identify threats from competitors and changes in the market
  • Forecasting market shifts and trends ahead of your competition with Foresight
  • Differentiate your business and future proof your model

Play to your strengths with Foresight

With Foresight, you play to your strengths, defend your weaknesses, and build an accurate picture of your competition and what they will do next.

So you are forewarned, able to take precautions and sort things out should the sticky stuff hit the fan.

How are you protecting your future?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘future-proofing your business. But what does it actually mean? It certainly doesn’t mean creating products for tomorrow. Tomorrow is unknown.

To us, protecting your future means staying light on your feet. It means having the agility to respond quickly and decisively to the changing expectations of your customers. It means having constant access to market and competitor intelligence to react promptly and decisively to any new moves on their part. 

And it means keeping a close eye on your markets so that you’re not meeting a need that is on the wane but instead meeting needs that are on the rise.

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How is your marketing evolving?

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on your market, bang, it’s gone and changed again. It’s hardly surprising.

  • At the other end of the spectrum, mergers can introduce fresh competition into your market. New entrants from abroad, often bringing a low-cost alternative to the market, tend to shake things up a bit.
  • Companies going bust leave a void for others to fill. 

Every market evolves and adapts to changing consumer and business needs. The question is, how much do you know what is happening behind the scenes? Have you really got the complete picture of your market in terms of its reach and makeup? Or are you too close to see what’s coming over the horizon?

What unique space can your business occupy?

Every business should have a purpose. And this purpose should give rise to how your brand is perceived. But how is your brand perceived?

  • What opportunities do you have for standing out from the crowd? In short, what is the unique space you can own in your market?
  • Having intelligence on your market and competitors means you can define your unique market space. 
  • You can then occupy that space and defend it against all your current competitors and new market entrants.
  • This means digging down into what you do and how you do it and presenting this position in a meaningful, compelling and dynamic way. 

And yes, we can dig deep into your competitor’s minds to build a profile of their characteristics and behaviour. So, this service encompasses revealing the basics of their personality and digging deeper into their mindset and helping you predict their future actions.

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