Customer Market Distribution Intelligence Questions

This ever growing article discusses customer market distribution intelligence questions. And here are some example questions to help you with your own questions development:

  • Who are our competitor’s key suppliers?
  • Who are their biggest customers?
  • What brands are in their portfolio?
  • Which publications do they read?
  • What is their preferred advertising route they prefer an agency to pursue?
  • What is the target’s social media footprint?
  • Who are their key customers?
  • What is X International Customer Base?
  • What is the competitors real Financial Position? (focus on critical triggers)
  • Who manufactures our competitor’s range of products?
  • Who owns the IP?
  • What is the current size of the worldwide ABC market?
  • What is our route to the UK retail market?
  • Who are the leading legal firms in the regulation market?
  • Who are the Clients of the leading law firms?
  • What is the perception of the law firm in the market?
  • Who are the key competitors in this market?
  • What are their strengths, weaknesses and how do they sell their services?
  • Are competitors planning to introduce any radical new approaches to in store selling?
  • How do they differentiate themselves and their offerings from us and other competitors?
  • Any changes in competitors plans, activities or relationships with our firms key customers?
  • What are their supplier agreements?
  • What are their exclusive marketing agreements?
  • Also, what their joint e-commerce initiatives that could be of particular interest?
  • How aggressive are they terms of product development and marketing?
  • Who are the key competitor in the new market / geographical area?
  • Within Aerospace OEMs and supporting companies, which competitors do they use? What is the best route to market?
  • Which competitors are used in the Oil and Gas industries and what are their routes to market?
  • What threats are we doing to encounter in the market over the next 5 years
  • Where do they compete? In what segment and for which customers?
  • How does this conflict, if at all, with our own company’s ambitions?
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