Competitive Intelligence Analyst Skills

This article suggests some Competitive Intelligence analyst skills. To create Intelligence, you need to analyse the information you have collated.  

Competitive Intelligence analysts use their understanding of now by looking at the past. While looking at specific detail, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. The contextual background is based upon your knowledge of the industry. The key factors influencing it and the players involved in a particular market. strive to maintain the currency of your sectoral knowledge and even deepen it.

Wide field of vision

Providing enlightenment about the future you need a wide field of vision. Extending it beyond their industry. Insights offered in other industies and life’s experience and knowledge in general. Otherwise you become blinkered and risk being unprepared to challenge conventional industry wisdom. Analysts should have interests outside their own vocational concerns.

Because the future grows out of the past. So projections enriched by a history have a good likelihood of being accurate. Be conscious of long term trends. Receptive to the immense variety of human experiences at different times. And in different places and appreciate the value of what the past can teach us. Uncover the historical roots.

Trace the evolution of the present situation when pondering its future development. Studying history also accustoms the analyst to handling incomplete or unreliable data. Good analysts never start with the present and ignore the past. Better analysts understand the past doesn’t equal the future.

Yes, study history but don’t expect it to accurate every time. Thinking about the future is an exercise in imagination. Analysts envision all plausible possibilities and need to nurture their creativity.

Sound judgement

Finally, cultivate sound judgement. Otherwise you will have no breath and profundity of knowledge. Or vividness and richness of imagination will yield effective results.

Competitive Intelligence analyst skills

  • Be unprejudiced. A constant struggle against accepting unexamined assumptions. To be able not to come to a decision before considering the evidence.
  • Open-minded. Being prepared to change a viewpoint in the light of new data.
  • Balanced. Giving each piece of evidence its due weight
  • Insightful. Getting to the roots of an issue and not deflected by superficial aspects
  • Incorporation of experience. Reflect on past experiences and draw correct lessons from them
  • Logical. Constructing and testing an explicit chain of logic upon which an assessment rests.

This article suggested some Competitive Intelligence analyst skills.

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