Business Problem Solving Advice From Experts

In this article, we look at business problem-solving advice from experts. As humans, we have a default to find simple solutions to our problems. However, outside influences and our own biases hinder the simplest of problems.

In business, finding the simple answers to problems are the result of focusing on the facts and challenging what other people think. You know those commonly held opinions that are often wrong. As you will know too well, finding the answer to the problem is the easier part. Many simple solutions are challenging to implement. 

Easy answers

The easy answers are why Apple, Airbnb and Uber are successful. If, of course, with the latter two, you don’t determine profit margins when defining success. The simple answer will not usually be easy to develop and deliver to customers, so we have taken a look at business problem-solving advice from experts. When you first look at a problem, the answer may seem complicated. Still, it is essential to keep an open mind and look for the easy to do and easy to understand solutions to the problem your potential customers face every day. Easy to follow so your future customer gets it straight away.

The desire for simplicity

As stated we have a default to find simple solutions to problems. But, outside influences and our own biases hinder the simplest of problems. Interesting research from Google in 2012 suggested that simple sites were more attractive to readers than clever cutting edge ones. Also, customers expect to see a style they have traditionally seen from similar industry players. The reason is that the website consumers prefer played on their past experience and their cognitive fluency.

Just the facts

Challenging the status quo and the commonly held opinions is not only the secret why impartial Competitive Intelligence is successful, but when it comes to problem-solving, you focus on the facts. You should isolate the fundamental truths of the problem and build your conclusions off of what you know to be true—and not relying on opinions or assumptions. Or guesswork as it commonly called.

Finding workable solutions can only be useful when you put these ideas into action. As already stated a simple solution won’t necessarily be easy to implement, and many hours of creation is required to ensure a new product or service delivers the desired customer solution.


While delivering a new solution is not easy, the end product must resonate with the customer. And the best way to do this is to reduce the complexity they experience in their day-to-day lives. Achievement boils down to securing and executing of a simple problem-solving idea like these companies have managed to do:

These companies provide simple solutions, but what has helped these companies beat their competitors is to consistently deliver a quality customer user experience.


In this piece entitled business problem solving advice from experts, we suggested that simple solutions are not easy to create and deliver to customers. A problem-solving solution may require many weeks of work, snagging and testing before it’s ready. But by creating an easily adopted end product, you can create something with lasting impact.

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