Action Points for Effective Competitive Analysis: a starter for eight

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Eight Action Points for Effective Competitive Analysis

Here are eight action points for effective competitive analysis

  1. Compile industry reports and market research data for a broad understanding of the competitive landscape. Talk to those who should know.
  2. Analyse competitors’ social media activity for real-time insights and customer engagement strategies.
  3. Regularly review customer feedback on products and services for direct comparative analysis.
  4. Monitor competitors’ marketing campaigns, product launches, and PR activities.
  5. Keep an eye on financial reports and earnings calls for financial health and strategic directions. Talk to those in the know…
  6. Track technological advancements and innovations within your industry.
  7. Observe competitors’ partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions for strategic moves.
  8. Regularly update and adapt your competitive strategy based on these insights and market changes.

Implementing a competitive analysis strategy is important to maintain and enhance market position. Compile industry reports, monitor social media and review customer feedback. Stay vigilant about competitors’ marketing efforts and financial health. So you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your competitive landscape. Keep updated on tech advancements, strategic partnerships, and market innovations. All of this is to provide valuable insights for proactive decision-making. Regularly updating and adapting your competitive strategy based on the insights you find ensures you remain agile. Follow these eight action points to build a well-informed strategic foundation. One that positions you for sustained competitive advantage and growth.

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What is competitive intelligence?

The collection and analysis of information to make sense of what’s happening, what's next, and what you can do to enhance your competitive advantage.

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