7 Interview Brainteasers to Assess Critical Thinking

When collecting Intelligence and analysing what people have told you it is essential to be able to think critically. So, here are 7 interview brainteasers to assess critical thinking. These are not the sort of questions to find more information about a subject or in this case, find out more about you and your experience. 

Skill testing

The brainteaser test specific skills. Including maths, logic, creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to perform under pressure. Most of the time, the answers are not relevant. Judging them on the way they approach the challenge. The questions mainly focus on:

  • Problem solving. Can they attempt to solve unexpected problems that arise?
  • Analysis. Can they see the big picture and analyse information to find a solution? And shows they rarely overlook essential aspects.
  • Creativity. Are they creative enough to think outside the box? Also can they think creatively? Or are they constrained by following the rules?
  • Performance under pressure.  You cant prepare for these questions, and it will get them out of their comfort zone.

The teasers

  • Teaser 1

A “solve a mystery” question. Similar to the classic need to cross the river with a chicken, a sack of corn and a fox. The boat only fits yourself another.

  • Teaser 2

Explain a difficult to explain concept?

  • Teaser 3

Mathematics questions

  • Teaser 4

Why are these items an item?

  • Teaser 5

How would you do something stupid question?

  • Teaser 6

How many things are there in a location?

  • Teaser 7

How many things could fit into something

Good signs that they can think creatively:

  • They take time to understand the question and the subject. Must show thought behind the decision and clearly understand what the problem means.
  • They take time to understand each different element and work their way through potential answers strategically.
  • And offer a comprehensive and strategic method approach. And systematic and efficient thinking to answer the question.
  • Note-taking can indicate visualisation of the process.
  • They are asking to repeat the question or to explain in more detail so they can answer the questions better.
  • Able to work a riddle out within a high-pressure interview situation.
  • Use of initiative; with a sound, thought-out and practical answer.
  • Can they explain calculations based on sensible presumptions.

Signals that creativity may not be for them:

  • Frustration at the question and a reluctance play along.
  • And answer the question immediately. Is the question not new to them and are not honest enough to admit it?
  • Answering the self-evident trap answer.
  • Also, confusion with the question.
  • The method of answering shows a lack of systematic or organisational sense.
  • A guess at an answer without being able to explain the reasoning
  • And, no matter how crazy, they offer no answer at all.


When collecting Intelligence, the ability to think critically is vital. So, this article brought you 7 interview brainteasers to assess critical thinking.

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