Product technology and warning related Intelligence questions



This article offers example product technology and warning related Intelligence questions to assist in your question planning

Product and Technology related Intelligence questions

  • What are their key product features?
  • Which channel partners do they engage with?
  • What are the key technical areas where X are focusing their research & development?
  • What new products are they developing?
  • And, what are their intentions or plans to launch or extend brands/ products?
  • Do they have new packaging and delivery systems?
  • What developments are underway in terms of product, production and packaging technologies?
  • What is the expected product launch date?

Warning related Intelligence questions

  • What are the current and future threats including disruptive changes in the industry, in government and in technology?
  • Which companies should we acquire that could improve their most important technology platforms or market share position?
  • Should we divest or cancel product lines?
  • Which companies should we forge alliances or joint ventures with which are likely to give them a unique advantage in?

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What is Product Intelligence?

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Product intelligence is the process of collecting, analysing, and acting on data about how people use your product. The process involves using customer data and competitor analysis to help you build better products and customer experiences.

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