Finding your competitors revenue and profit figures 20 ideas

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Finding your competitors revenue and profit figures

Finding your competitors revenue and profit figures can be challenging, especially if they don’t want you to know them. However, you can explore various strategies and sources to gather insights into their financial performance, including:

1. Public Financial Reports: Start with the basics by checking if your competitors are public companies.

2. Competitor Websites: Some provide financial highlights or performance summaries, especially within investor relations or press release sections.

3. News and Press Releases: Look for news articles and press releases related to your competitors’ financial performance

4. Industry Reports: Consult industry-specific research reports or market analyses that may estimate or provide insights into their financials.

5. Competitor Presentations: Review presentations from industry conferences, investor meetings, or company events. 

6. Acquisition Documents: If they have acquired or been acquired, acquisition documents or merger announcements may include financial information.

7. Employee Reviews: Employee reviews on platforms like Glassdoor sometimes include salary details, which can provide clues

8. LinkedIn Profiles, job postings: Some former or current employees may mention revenue or profit figures

9. Customer Feedback: Analyse customer reviews and feedback for hints. Unsatisfied customers may reveal financial problems.

10. Competitor Interviews: Industry experts or competitors may share financial insights in interviews or podcasts.

11. Credit Reports: Credit reporting agencies compile company creditworthiness data, including revenue estimates.

12. Supplier, Partners and Vendor Relationships: Suppliers or vendors may have insights from their dealings with them.

13. Customer Contracts: Speak to your customers.

14. Legal, Patents and Trademarks: Insight may be disclosed during patent or trademark applications or disputes.

15. Social Media Activity: Monitor social media channels for any financial insights shared by employees, executives, or company accounts.

16. Industry Benchmarks: Comparing their operational and financial metrics to others can provide a rough estimate.

17. Speak to them: Speak to your competitors and ask them outright.

18. Reveal their revenues yourself: Come up with figures that are way off, and they may correct you. 

19. Forums: Get into industry forums and spark conversations with those who could know or want to be seen to know.

20. Or let the Octopus at them!

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