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Reduce risk and improve your competitive advantage with win-loss analysis. Know why you win and why you lose.

Win-Loss Analysis

Why you sometimes win, sometimes lose, occasionally experience customer churn, and why some customers are unable to make any decision at all. Win-Loss Analysis is the secret.

A consistent Win-Loss Analysis process can transform your business. It’s so much more than ad-hoc internal reviews on failed tender bids or understanding why the sales didn’t win a particular deal.

A Win-Loss analysis is a comprehensive, systematic and ongoing analysis which looks at why your business won and lost deals. Win-Loss will deliver powerful insight to transform your company and make it into a sales machine.

How we do it for you

  • We work with you to determine the questions associated with a purchasing decision, sales team ability, pricing, contracts and feature and benefits of your offering
  • Understand which departments and product lines need to know the results of the Win-Loss analysis
  • We then develop an understanding of your sales and marketing process, product lines and target market
  • We conduct impartial interviews with the decision-makers at your new customer or prospective companies to discuss won and lost deals
  • The interactions are analysed, and overall key findings and trends are reported to you within an agreed time frame along with the original interview material.
  • What you can do with the results?
  • Over several successful and failed deals will allow us to offer recommendations about your sales process and approach, value proposition, perceived features and benefits and isolate potential alternative USPs.
  • The results can also be used to praise sales and after-sales teams and suggest new ways of working without unwarranted singling out individual salespeople for criticism.

Increased sales

You will ultimately experience an increase in sales. As you will better understand your customer needs. And be able to counter your competitors’ efforts in taking work from you. Once a number of Win-Loss interviews have taken place, you will be in a position to accurately understand your success rates.

It’s important than any Win-Loss exercise is consistent. And done after the majority of successful and failed sales opportunities. It can transform your business. It’s so much more than emailing a prospect and asking what did you did wrong.

Get in touch today and we can help you transform your sales strategy with Win-Loss analysis.

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