Why Intelligence Research is Critical for Future Business Success

Why Intelligence Research is Critical for Future Business Success

This piece is a guest article by Khadija Siddique of Allied Analytics of Pune, India. It’s called Why Intelligence Research is critical for future business success. They offer some interesting thoughts on what they call Intelligence Research. We are just putting it out there to see what people’s opinions are on the subject. 

Intelligence research refers to gathering and analysing data to forecast competitive action, understand past market disruptions, and analyse events and growth variables that may affect the organisation. Using intelligence research, companies can gain valuable insights into growing their business and leveraging lucrative opportunities.

Internet of Things

In today’s era, unstructured data has been proliferating due to increased internet of things (IoT) devices and smart sensors. To manage and analyse the data in such a way that it is beneficial for the business to make informed decisions, intelligence research has become the need of the hour. As a result, organisations have been increasingly relying on business intelligence tools and analytics software. Moreover, the popularity of cloud delivery models and data proliferation boosted the demand for intelligence research.

Furthermore, several firms have developed new tactics such as collaborations, tie-ups, mergers, and new product launches to maintain a strong market position. For instance, IBM, a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company, introduced a new and innovative solution, Dubbed CodeFlare. This solution is an open platform to simplify the integrated big data and artificial intelligence (A.I.) workflows. Aside from that, this solution offers data cleansing, feature extraction, and model optimisation, which helps the commercial organisation make strategic decisions. The launch of this solution is expected to provide a business intelligence tool to the data scientists and allow them to focus more on their research rather than the configuration and deployment complexity.

Field Intelligence Retriever

Similarly, Comintelli, a leading global market and competitive intelligence software company, recently launched a new feature, Field Intelligence Retriever (FIRE). This new feature enables the organisation to collect data quickly and analyse it by transforming photo data into searchable content. According to Jesper Martell, the company’s CEO stated that this feature would enable real-time data and offer instant access to intelligence data. In addition, the software is expected to become the turning point in the competitive intelligence sector in the future. 

Developing countries are now more focused on investing in intelligence research. For example, the government of India has taken initiatives to strengthen the country’s intelligence research. The country’s Ministry of Statistics has relied on artificial intelligence (A.I.) to improve data collection, analysis, and reporting of data to get better results. A.I. not only enhances the quality of data analysis but also increases the capability and productivity of the workforce.

With the introduction of mobile, cloud, and social B.I. solutions, intelligence research, has been booming in countries such as the U.S., the U.K., and Japan. During the pandemic, business intelligence solutions have been highly acknowledged for their problem-solving and prediction capabilities. The intelligence industry will continue to grow in the future with the help of A.I. and machine learning and would disrupt the business operation as we know it. 


Why Intelligence Research is Critical for Future Business Success

This piece is a guest article by Khadija Siddique of Allied Analytics. The article called why Intelligence Research is critical for future business success and offered some interesting thoughts on Intelligence Research. 

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