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We are Octopus, but who are we really?

We’re all about your competitive advantage.

We are the global competitive intelligence company.

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What do we do, how do we do it, and who are we? Octopus Intelligence, the global Competitive Intelligence company

What we do

By using intelligence-driven practices, you are assured of improving your odds of success exponentially.

We have created a three-step that solution that can be precisely fitted to your ambitions.

  1. Determine what it is that you really need, then create questions to answer
  2. Find the insight and answer the questions and offer options open to you
  3. Decide what and how you are going to achieve this

How we do it

By ensuring that your needs are met from the outset in the most time and cost-effectively, optimising every possibility to provide maximum value.

Our unique service capabilities are then designed precisely to suit the mission. We work hard to maintain communications with you throughout the process to capitalise on any opportunities along the way.

Primary research leads our approach. We verify with secondary confirmation, utilising augmented terrestrial and digital capabilities to build the best trajectory of approach that enables us to access deep-dive real-time information that delivers maximum impact to fuel your quest for success.

Who we are

Octopus Intelligence is a unique global Competitive Intelligence agency designed to deliver competitive advantage.

We are not run-of-the-mill.

We don’t want you to be amazed by our creative processes and our in-depth experience in putting the word strategy into every paragraph.

We want you to be amazed by the insightful and useful answers we find for you.

Insight that will help reduce your uncertainty when making decisions and improve your competitive advantage.

We love to help

And we would love to help.

So please feel comfortable to get in touch with us for a chat to see if we are fit for you.

And this is what we believe.

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