Win-loss analysis.

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We create the insight you can do something with.

Bespoke people-powered competitive intelligence? 

We have created a three-step solution for your competitive intelligence / market intelligence needs:

  1. Discovery – Determine what it is that you really need, then create questions to answer
  2. Insight – Find the insight and answer the questions and offer options open to you
  3. What’s next – Decide what and how you are going to achieve this

By ensuring that your needs are met from the outset in the most time and cost-effectively, optimising every possibility to provide maximum value.


Bespoke because every project we do is different.

So our unique service capabilities designed precisely to suit the mission.

We see things differently. We are distinctive, refreshing, creative, innovative, and approachable.


People-powered as we don’t give you access to a platform and let you get on with it. We do the work and dig around to find the answers. We use technology but are never dependent on or blinded by it.

Primary research leads our approach. We verify with secondary confirmation, utilising augmented terrestrial and digital capabilities.


Put work in at the beginning. We will not start a project until everything is defined and clear to everyone. We will happily talk to you for hours to get any potential project absolutely right. 

We work hard to maintain communications with you throughout the process to capitalise on any opportunities along the way.

And this is what we believe.

So please get in touch with us for a chat to see if we are fit for you.

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