What we do

Octopus is an Intelligence and Strategy consulting firm focused on creating certainty, insight, competitive advantage and significant growth for clients operating in disruptive and traditional sectors.

When you need to win more business, have greater certainty & when you just need to beat your competitors, we answer the questions when you just need to know.

We help you beat your competitors, gain insight, certainty and provide credible options. For investigations, litigation, business disputes, background checks, investors and competitor wrongdoings we get to the truth with discrete, independent, and reliable corporate investigations.

We reveal what you could get yourself intoSo you are forewarned, able to take precautions and sort things out should the sticky stuff hit the fan.

We offer a comprehensive competitive strategy by answering the questions you just need to know. Questions usually about:

  • Investments and M&A
  • Competitors
  • Market Access
  • Market Sector
  • People and Reputation
  • The Future
  • Emerging Tech
  • Business Development
  • Litigation Support
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Certainty, Insight, Competitive Advantage & Growth

What we do in More Detail

What we do