What’s Win-Loss Analysis?

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What’s Win-Loss analysis?

Strengthen your sales strategy, improve success rates, and grow market share with Win-Loss Analysis.  

And also understand why you lost the sale, and why the competition beat us? It’s rarely the case that you are too expensive.  

Also, establish and manage a regular win-loss analysis program to improve sales strategies. Improve win rates, and grow market share. Then a detailed analysis of your company’s sales strategies over time to assess the reasons for wins and losses, such as:

  • Price compared to the competition
  • Product and service differentiation
  • Brand strength and customer goodwill
  • Customer perceptions of product and service value


Working with your sales, product management, marketing, competitive intelligence, and brand teams to develop, as well as, manage a suitable win-loss program.  

  • Did we lose the sale, or did the competition beat us?
  • Suggest improvements in how you communicate, price, position and sell your products/services.
  • Provide the reasons which encourage clients to buy from you
  • Isolated the weakness which causes your prospects to source from your competitors’.
  • And, overall, improve your sales strategy.

A win-loss programs should include detailed analysis of your company’s sales practices over time that assess the basis of wins and losses, such as:

  • Price, in comparison to the competition
  • The extent and meaningfulness of your product and service differentiation
  • Brand strength and goodwill with customers
  • Customer perceptions of product and service value
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