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What we believe and stand by.

We’re all about your competitive advantage, and 2023 is the time to tell it how it is and take a stand.

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Octopus is on a mission to make businesses as passionate about the power of real competitive intelligence as we are. 2023 is the time to tell it how it is and take a stand.

We are making a stand in an industry dominated by databases pretending to be competitive intelligence providers and mediocre researchers offering disappointing (often scandalous) work standards.

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This is what we believe in.

A stand to show you the power of doing competitive intelligence the right way. Many are uncomfortable taking a stand for the things they believe in.

We are not. We have to do things the right way, be true to ourselves and give our clients the information they need to know, even if it’s not what they want to know.

We aim to increase certainty, make better decisions, create a competitive advantage, and secure the future in everything we do.

What is it you actually do?

People ask us what it is we actually sell who we sell to, and they should buy from us.

We provide bespoke people-powered competitive intelligence to advance our clients’ competitive advantage. We are trusted by brands, middle-market players, investors, and start-up innovators to answer the questions they need to know.

We are perfect for business owners, marketing directors, product managers, and investors who want to make crucial decisions with more certainty rather than guesswork and gut feeling. So why bespoke people-powered competitive intelligence to advance your competitive advantage? Well:

  • Bespoke because every project we do is different.
  • People-powered because we don’t give you access to a platform and let you get on with it. We do the work and dig around to find the answers. And yes, we use some technology, but we are never dependent on it or blinded by it.
  • Competitive intelligence is finding & critical analysis of information to make sense of what’s happening, what’s going to happen, why and what you can do about it, so you control the outcome.
  • Competitive advantage is created by having Octopus as your partner.

We will advance your competitive advantage by providing answers to understand your markets better, decide where to pitch against competitors, and understand how competitor products are marketed to differentiate to ensure your message sticks with customers. And know what’s next.

The result is simple. You make the right decisions to beat your competitors, increase market share, find opportunities & improve your bottom line.

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