This is what we believe and stand by

2022 is time to tell it how it is and take a stand.

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Octopus are on a mission to make businesses as passionate about the power of real Competitive Intelligence as we are

This is what we believe in.

We are making a stand in an industry dominated by databases pretending to be Competitive Intelligence providers and mediocre researchers who offer disappointing (often scandalous) standards of work. A stand to show you the power of doing Competitive Intelligence the right way.

Many are uncomfortable taking a stand for the things they believe in.

We are not. We have to do things the right way, be true to ourselves and give our clients the information they need to know, even if it’s not what they want to know.

In everything we do, we aim to increase certainty, make better decisions, create a competitive advantage and secure the future.

About us

Blah blah yawn

At this point, we could rave about our pedigree and vision for the future (blah blah yawn). But that’s not our way. It’s much better that you get to know us. We’d love for you to let us show you how committed we are to better insight.

Yes – we are Competitive Intelligence professionals, but we’re more than that. 

It’s probably worth dropping into the conversation. We continuously strive to source the best insight and find the most certainty as possible. Looking in all sorts of directions for the answer. Globally, with boots on the ground if necessary.

A word on our pricing. Yes, we seem reasonable for people who strive for the best quality Competitive Intelligence. We get that. We have seen what some of the multinationals charge and then put a newcomer on your case. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay extortionate amounts just because our end product is so valuable.

We may not hide behind a sexy platform, but we believe the insight is what you want, not the empty box it might come in. We don’t look outside the box either as, like you, we don’t live and work in one. We also use platforms if and when they are relevant and valid.

We believe happy staff in a fun environment and doing some good work equals satisfied customers. 

What we do is not an academic exercise, and we are not looking to sound clever but treat every piece of work as a PhD dissertation. It’s about simplicity (not easy) and delivering results you can use.

We’re proud of the personable service you’ll experience – it’s like we’ve got your own little Competitive Intelligence community going on. Don’t just take our word for it, though; take a look at our testimonials. And you would be amazed at the other organisations who we take care of. 


Alright… enough already. We’ll put down the trumpet. But in a nutshell, we simply want to serve you the best service you’ve ever had. To provide you with the straight-talking insight to increase the certainty in your decisions and enhance your competitive advantage. We want to be your secret weapon. Now how’s that for company vision?!!

Working with Octopus Intelligence is easy

We can work to your way of doing things. But usually, you get in touch via email, social media or telephone. We find an agreeable time for an informal no-obligation chat.

And We ask pertinent questions and listen to you & your answers. No sales, just listening to understand where your pain is. We get to understand your needs. Then we put your needs into words and propose a way to provide you with a solution. We develop a set of questions you need to answer to solve your problem.

Then we get on with it and undertake the project keeping you in the loop. Present our findings & recommendations and discuss the next steps.

We can work with you in any way you wish. Everyone has their own unique needs, & no size fits all, and no project is ever the same.

Some clients come to us when they have a specific need, and others retain us to ensure they are covered for all eventualities. 

Some ask us to monitor their competitors & market sector. And rather than just access a time-consuming platform, we give them a concise report on things they need to know. 

And increasingly ask us to speak to their new customers and those who have gone elsewhere to pick out the diamonds of insight in a sea of confusion signals and messages. 

Listen to your world disrupting

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of your world changing.

Of people connecting, contacts changing, customers needs evolving. And competitors disrupting your market.

You can’t slow it down. And you can’t avoid it. You can’t stop it.

But you can stay ahead by innovating, modernising and delivering what your customers need.

By knowing what’s happening next.

This is what we believe in

And we would love to help. So please feel comfortable to get in touch with us for a chat to see if we are fit for you.

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