Using Competitive Intelligence to Find Competitive Advantage

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Using Competitive Intelligence can help You Find a Competitive Advantage for Your Business. 

This article explains how using competitive intelligence can help your business gain a competitive advantage. Competitive intelligence gathers and analyses information about competitors, markets, and customers.

Article Summary
Competitive intelligence aids businesses in identifying risks, opportunities, and market gaps, enhancing strategies, decision-making, and performance for a competitive edge and growth.

All through legal & ethical means. Read more: How Competitive Intelligence Helps Strategy of Your Business.

The more you know about your market, the better your ability to grow your business. That is why all the leading global industries invest considerable funds in foresight and analysis. It can drive revenue and help keep organisations ahead in the market. 

Depending upon the industry, the nature of the intelligence varies for every company. The main aims of competitive intelligence are to:

  • Discover risks and opportunities
  • Make better decisions
  • Strengthen business strategies
  • Enhance organisational performance

An intelligence platform can research data from multiple sources. The platform reduces the time an analyst takes to collect and collate the information. Read more: What are Examples of Sources of Marketing Intelligence?


Sources include:

  • Industry experts 
  • News media
  • Government records
  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Public filings
  • Customer interviews
  • Competitor interviews and so on

Globalisation, urbanisation, and digitalisation are occurring rapidly worldwide, which can make staying competitive in the market difficult and challenging. 

Moreover, companies need to react quickly to emerging markets to stay competitive. So, using competitive intelligence helps them understand their products’ selling and positioning strategies and then take advantage of the market gaps to improve profit margins. Intelligence allows them to find new opportunities and develop a brand identity, setting them apart from their competitors. Read more: Competitive Intelligence is Important For Your Business.

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What is competitive intelligence?

The collection and analysis of information to make sense of what’s happening, what's next, and what you can do to enhance your competitive advantage.

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