Unlock Valuable Insights with The Power of Co-Creation and competitive intelligence

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Unlock Valuable Insights with The Power of Co-Creation and competitive intelligence

Organisations are bombarded with overwhelming external information in today’s fast-paced business landscape. But what does all this market data indeed mean for your company? How can you ensure that relevant insights aren’t lost in the sea of information overload? These are common questions and concerns voiced by intelligence professionals across industries. One solution to these challenges is using the power of co-creation within your intelligence network. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among everyone. No matter the job title, department, and location. This allows you to tap into a vast reserve of tacit knowledge. It will transform fragmented market information into valuable insights for your organisation. This article asks how to unlock valuable insights with the power of co-creation and competitive intelligence.

Leverage the Strength of Your Intelligence Network

While external sources provide a wealth of insight, identifying critical pieces of data can be daunting. Moreover, comprehending the significance of that information often proves even more challenging. This is where your intelligence network becomes invaluable. An individual news article may appear inconsequential to your company. That is, until you place that development within a larger context. Here is an example. A competitor’s appointment of a middle manager may seem like a mere titbit of information. Of little consequence to your competitive landscape. However, looking at the new appointee’s background unveiled the strategic direction of your competitor. These could be:

  • Specific skills
  • Deep knowledge of particular markets
  • A history of launching a type of product
  • Understanding of particular technologies 

It’s likely to indicate your competitor’s focus areas, providing crucial insights. Or, at the very least, information to ask better questions to your sources. 

The difficulty lies in not knowing who possesses the relevant knowledge. You must disseminate your insights to a broader group—involving them in the discussion right from the start.

Empower Knowledge Sharing with Intelligence Software

Co-creating intelligence will eventually necessitate a platform to share perspectives on market developments. Organising face-to-face meetings with a large group can be challenging. An email is an ineffective tool as it’s often unclear who holds the valuable knowledge—making it hard to include all relevant stakeholders in the discussion.

Here, the integration of intelligence software comes to the rescue. A robust software tool with a broad user base overcomes these challenges. The platform facilitates the following: 

  • The efficient distribution of information
  • Knowledge sharing within the intelligence network
  • Users can define specific information needs
  • Easily share their insights with a larger group

You significantly increase the likelihood of receiving valuable insights to support decision-making processes.

However, platform insight is only helpful if someone keeps it up to date. The information and its sources are relevant. Primary research is included in the insight, and people read the input. It won’t be used if it’s not useable” need to know” insight. “Nice to know” stuff is interesting, but people will switch off. 

Most importantly, for every piece of insight on your software platform, you must also provide context. And possibly even recommended actions.

Need to know

The following scenario demonstrates the transformative power of co-creation and knowledge sharing:

  • A newspaper reports that a start-up company has introduced a new technology. It does not directly compete with you but can be applied to similar applications.
  • A member of your R&D department reads the news. They conduct further research and discover that this technology poses a potential threat. With minor modifications, it could replace your product. Sales team members come across the insights shared by the R&D department. They inform everyone that this technology has features your clients have been requesting.
  • Your management team recognises the potential implications of this new technology. Then takes the necessary actions to address it. Or not, as is often the case. Innovation can easily slip under the radar. Competitive intelligence increases your chances of identifying these developments. Before they become detrimental and kill you. So don’t miss out on relevant market developments.

Unlock Valuable Insights with The Power of Co-Creation and competitive intelligence

Navigating the ever-evolving business landscape requires a proactive approach. Identifying and understanding relevant market developments. Leverage competitive intelligence tools with effective collaboration within your network. You will substantially enhance your ability to uncover valuable insights. Empower your organisation with the collective.

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