The Analysis Redefinition Technique

The Analysis Redefinition Technique is a useful tool. And is based on asking good questions and asking the what, why, where, when and how. 

You ask a question you need answering, something like this one:

Initial question: Is Iran supplying weapons to the Kurds?

Then you look at rephrasing the questions to another view of the questions. Perhaps like this:

Rephrase – Are the Kurds buying weapons off Iran?

Then once you have done this, ask the most important question of them all. Why?

Ask why – Why would Iran sell weapons to the Kurds?

Now increase your focus on the critical issues within the questions, like:

Increase focus – Are the Kurds and Iran partners?

Then narrow down and take a look more in-depth into the situation with a narrow focus question based on the original question, like this:

Narrow focus – What sort of weapons is Iran selling to the Kurds?

Now, look at the question differently, as follows:

Redirect focus – How are the Kurds paying for these weapons? Why would the Kurds want the weapons?

Then consider the complete opposite question by turning the question on its head.

Turn the question around – Are the Kurds selling weapons to Iran.

This article discussed the Analysis Redefinition Technique is a useful tool, based on asking good questions and focusing on asking the what, why, where, when and how. 

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