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Naturally, the nature of what we do means many of our clients wish to remain anonymous and keep the competitive advantage we have given them to themselves.

We have some more testimonials we can offer once we establish a working relationship. Request a free consultation today.Please get in touch for a free no obligation chat

From saving us millions by advising us not to acquire a competitor to keeping an eye on our competitive environment. They provide powerful insight and suggest alternative ways forward.

– CEO of a Global Credit Risk Management Company

We are blown away. If we act on this report, it could be worth millions to us.

– Sales Director of a Global UK Aviation Security Plc

Very impressed. There’s a wealth of solid, actionable information there. This is of a far higher standard than anything I’ve seen from any of the big 5 ‎consulting firms.

– Investment Director of a UK Fund Management Firm

Most importantly the valuable intelligence was provided by experienced business people who clearly know and understand the key issues. There is no comparison to what Octopus does. Amazing how much Intelligence you found.

– Senior Director Global T1 automotive manufacturer

You guys are our secret weapon. Really great work and I have no idea how you got that information.

– Marketing Director of a Global Software Company

True professionals. Sensitive to client’s needs and goes the extra mile every time to deliver.

– Investment Director of a London Private Equity Firm

They are the perfect combination of my 5 P’s. Professional, proactive, proficient, persistent and passionate. It’s unusual to find all 5 in one team.

– CEO of a US Medical Device and Pharma

Superb effort and brilliant Intelligence – I knew you would be the ones. Exactly what we needed.

– Director of a UK Construction Company

There is no comparison to what Octopus does. Amazing how much Intelligence you found.

– Food Production Director (and Former P&O Director)

A lot of work went into that. Is there anything left to know? It’s very well written and easy to read. Very technical as well.

– Managing Partner of a Global Top 20 Law Firm

Some real hard work went into this. I have read it 12 times and the overall concept is creative and impressive. Let’s talk about how we can move forward with you with this.

– CEO of One of the Oldest Manufacturers in the World

A never give up attitude and tell it how it is. They get on with the job. They know the right people and the right networks. Good people to work with.

– Director of a Fintech Company

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