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More certainty & competitive advantage with supplier competitive intelligence

Supplier competitive intelligence

These days it is just as important to understand your suppliers. To make sure you are getting the best deal, but also to make sure they are taking their corporate responsibilities seriously. And then it understands those suppliers within your competitors’ supply chain. What does their presence tell about your competitors’ operation and performance? Are there any opportunities and threats within their supplier network? And that’s supplier Competitive Intelligence

Octopus assists you in:

  • Make sure you are still receiving the best supplier deal prices and terms.
  • Develop a better understanding of your competitors’ opinions and how they currently and plan to control their supply chain issues.
  • Understand your competitors’ strategic alliances and what roles each party plays in the collaboration
  • Is your competitor gaining an unfair advantage over you? By using suppliers claiming to support sustainable procurement. Validate or counter the environmental claims of competitors and your own suppliers’ products.

Managing suppliers is an increasingly important aspect, especially with global trade. With this in mind, Octopus Competitive Intelligence offers the following specialist services:

Ethical standards reviews and reports

The Competitor Ethical Standards Report helps clients understand how their competitors operate around the world, including the parts they would rather keep quiet. You can determine if their sustainability and socially responsible company claims match their actions before working with Octopus to plan how best to use any information found. Understand:

  • How do your competitors operate around the world?
  • What are they doing to be an ethical and responsible company?
  • Do their claims match their actions?
  • Do they own what they say they own?
  • Are the ethical and green endorsements proclaimed to them true?
  • How can you use it to your advantage? 
  • What can you learn from them to improve your own processes?

Intelligence-driven ESG

We help you identify the right ESG partners and create more certainty in ESG and CSR strategies to help corporates, investors, and consultants avoid the all too common pitfalls that can, without notice, blow the best of intentions out of the water.

Our intelligence-based ESG offering allows socially and environmentally engaged corporates and investors more comfortable access to credible and meaningful opportunities.

1. Search for relevant and customised ESG opportunities. Those who can make the most significant difference to your organisation, the global or people.

2. Introduce credible, socially and environmentally aware, focused charities. Organisations that will really make a difference and not just talk a good game. 

3. Provide background checks and vetting to ensure they can deliver what they promise. And just as importantly are not linked to suspect individuals and organisations.

4. Provide an ongoing top cover to ensure all parties receive real mutual benefits. Protecting Corporate, Investors and Consultants from real financial and reputational risk.

5. Evidence-based reporting to back ESG claims shows the world you have made a difference. And that’s Intelligence-driven ESG.

More certainty with suppliers

We create more certainty & competitive advantage to dominate your markets & soar above competitors. We do this by using competitive intelligence and all the associated tools.

And we isolate problems, define trends, and deliver answers. To provide confidence and the best way forward. An essential area of Competitive Intelligence is in the analysis of channel partners. 

As you know, channel partners can be an essential aspect of penetrating markets. It’s crucial to understand your channels. But dont forget about your competitors’ channel partners’ strategies, capabilities and weaknesses. 

Octopus assists you be diving deeper into these business channels. Listening to their needs and concerns 

Supplier competitive intelligence

To analyse the speed of delivery and quality of the channels you have developed or want to create.