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Strategic Wargaming To Elevate Your Business Decisions with Battle-Tested Expertise

Empowering Decision-Making Through Battle-Proven Insights and Expertise

We work with the best strategic wargaming in the business to support you in making better decisions and creating a more resilient business.

And yes, as you would expect from Octopus, we don’t mess around. Our key partner has significant British Army Battleplanning, wargaming and actual battlefield experience.

Wargaming with people who have been there and done it and have many years of business wargaming experience to enable you to make better decisions. Using strategy and decision support tools to make better, faster decisions.

Unleash Resilience and Success: Uniting Business Strategy with Military Precision

Used by UK security and emergency responders and many well-known brands in the UK, Europe, the US, the Middle East and the Far East, their business wargaming tools provide rapid, efficient and transparent wargaming tools to improve the probability of success. Wargaming with Octopus and our partner results in:

  • Improved strategy
  • Greater buy-in
  • Reduced risk
  • Shared situational awareness

All war games are engrained with Octopus-created insights via our OSINT, competitive intelligence, competitor analysis, strategic intelligence and market analysis services. 

If you need to develop a battle-winning commercial strategy methodology, then get in touch today

What is strategic Wargaming?

Strategic wargaming is a structured and interactive process simulating real-world scenarios and competitive environments to enhance strategic decision-making. Drawing inspiration from military wargaming, where historical or hypothetical battles are simulated to develop and test military strategies. Strategic wargaming adapts these principles to help you analyse, plan, and make informed decisions about their competitive positioning, scenario analysis, future market dynamics, and various potential outcomes of your decisions. 

Wargaming usually involves participants assuming different roles. They may represent competitors, customers, or other stakeholders. They then engage in simulated scenarios. As the exercise unfolds, they are asked to respond to changes and events in your business landscape. This allows decision-makers to explore various strategies, understand potential risks and opportunities, and see the most effective courses of action unfold before them. 

The objectives of wargaming tend to be:

Scenario Exploration

Participants can explore a range of potential scenarios and their implications to anticipate challenges and devise appropriate responses.

Decision Testing

The simulated competitive environment provides a safe space to test and refine any strategic decisions. Without any real-world consequences.

Competitive Analysis

Through role-playing competitors and stakeholders, you can feel like them. Perhaps to begin to understand how they think. Perhaps learn how they make decisions. Then see what they are going to do next. And gain insights into how others might react to different strategies. And with time, perhaps encourage competitors to do as you wish. 

Innovation and Adaptation

Wargaming encourages creative thinking and the creation of innovative solutions to complex business challenges.

Risk Mitigation and scenario planning

By simulating various outcomes, decision-makers can identify possible risks and develop contingency plans. then develop preplanned scenarios. So you know what to do if something you have predicted happens. 

Team Collaboration

Wargaming fosters collaboration and develops teamwork among teams and departments as they work together to navigate the simulated scenarios. More than a bonding session, you get a happy, motivated team armed with powerful insights to gain a competitive advantage. Here is another article of interest: What is War Gaming?

Strategic wargaming is a powerful tool to enhance strategic planning, foster innovation, and make more informed decisions. It allows you to grasp the principles of competition, uncertainty, and dynamic change. To move forward without fear to a greater competitive advantage.

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