Strategic Private Intelligence

Our Strategic Private Intelligence offering provides bespoke solutions for businesses and individuals who face problems.

We combine tried and tested skill sets and tools associated with Competitive Intelligence, strategic Private Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence, Military Intelligence and Corporate Investigations.

You can make confident decisions based on fact-finding and critical analysis. To provide greater certainty to predict and control an outcome.

We bring you the answers you need to know

It’s essential to be more certain who and what you are dealing with when it comes to: 

  • Business partners
  • Competitors and markets
  • Suppliers
  • Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other deals and arrangements
  • Market entry strategies and assessments
  • Capital markets-related feasibility studies 
  • Project feasibility reviews
  • Litigation, undisclosed liabilities, illegitimate activities, regulatory problems, or undesirable histories
  • Property ownership verification
  • Need information to stay ahead of your competition

Private Intelligence

Isolating this sort of information and determining underlying market conditions, its future outlook, the geopolitical and competitive dynamics can be challenging if you don’t where or how to look for insight.

Especially true for HNWIs with limited business knowledge, such as sportspeople. They are surrounded by people who should have your interests at heart. But haven’t. We act as a critical friend using our business savvy and Intelligence skills to assess any deals on the table.

The ship was making her way steadily through

We arm you with powerful insights into the underlying market, competitive and people dynamics. We investigate and analyse both the buy and sell sides parties involved within any transaction to create an informed view of the deal and its prospects.

And the best actionable insight is created well away from a spreadsheet. We are in your corner to help you make the best decisions possible, all based on more certainty and less risk. 

Strategic Intelligence

We gather, collate and analyse information that you can’t get by normal means on a target organisation’s market environment it lives and works in, their competitors, and their competitive advantage. We open up what’s really going on to:

  • Determine growth and revenue potential
  • Assist commercial due diligence
  • Target identification
  • Strategic options assessment
  • Market assessments
  • Pinpoint focus on a single target entity, margin assessment, improvement, and associated action plans
  • Deliver real Intelligence for your operational and business plans
  • Operations strategy reviews to identify unrealised value and potential and due diligence

Market entry and market assessment

We have significant experience in assessing market segment attractiveness, competitive environment, future trends and outlook to ensure you have all you need to make informed decisions. We work with companies looking to be new market entrants, businesses and individuals seeking to invest in a sector to corporates wanting to diversify. 

Our Strategic and Commercial Intelligence service gives you insights into the underlying market and competitive dynamics. 

We bring you the answers you need to know. So let’s have a conversation to see how we can help you. Leave your details and we will get back to you:

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