Steps to Analysing Your Competition With Competitive Analysis

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Steps to analysing your competition with competitive analysis

Knowing your competitors is an essential part of staying ahead in business. Discover the steps to analysing your competition. Keeping an eye on the competition is critical to running a successful business. Knowing what your competitors are up to can give you insight into your performance, help you stay ahead in the ever-changing market, and provide valuable feedback on improving your product or service offerings. Here are steps for performing a thorough analysis of the competition.

Gather Your Data

Before you can analyse your competition, you must clearly understand who they are and what they do. Gather information from online and offline sources like public records, financial statements, press releases, competitor websites and social media channels. Aggregate all this data into one place to get a comprehensive picture of their businesses.

Analyse Their Social Channels

Pay attention to rival businesses’ social channels—which ones they use and how they use them. It will give you valuable insights into their target market and how you can better reach that audience. Monitor the frequency of their posts, the type of content they post and how engaged their followers are. All this information is essential for knowing where your competition stands in comparison to you and what changes you need to make to stand out from the crowd.

Monitor Changes in Their Product Offerings

To stay ahead of your competition, it’s essential to keep track of product updates and changes in offerings. See what is new, compare it to what you offer, and evaluate how you can adjust your strategy to stay ahead. Track their pricing as well. If they decrease their prices, consider doing the same or offering a promotional incentive to attract customers away from them.

Evaluate Their Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is powerful for gaining potential customers and building brand awareness. To effectively understand your competition’s content, evaluate their blog posts, videos, podcasts, webinars, infographics, emails and other forms of communication. Research the topics they are engaging their audiences with, the frequency of their content updates, and most importantly, how they promote it. Observe the keywords they use that generate clicks or website visits and the effectiveness of their call-to-actions as well.

Examine Their PR and Outreach Strategies

When analysing your competition, review their PR and outreach strategies. Take note of who they’re targeting, i.e. customers, journalists, bloggers etc., how they are reaching out and where they are getting coverage. Knowing what type of content is performing well with the public can help you create ideas for improving your own strategy and marketing efforts.

Steps to analysing your competition with competitive analysis

In conclusion, competitive analysis is an important exercise to help you understand your market and improve your product or service. By implementing these steps, you can gain insight into your competitors and identify opportunities to differentiate yourself. Remember that a thorough competitive analysis will help you stay ahead of the competition and develop a successful business. The key is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of other companies so that you can create strategies to capitalise on them.

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