Solving the mysteries of sales success

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You win some, you lose some, but smart teams can solve the mysteries of sales success

You win some, you lose some, but the smart teams use Sherlock Win/Loss to solve the mysteries of sales success. At Sherlock, Win/Loss is done by people and powered by Octopus Intelligence

The most important question is “why?”

One question is imperative. To be used when you fail to land a piece of business. And perhaps more importantly, when getting that deal over the line. The question is “why?” With Sherlock Win/Loss by your side, we will design, implement, execute, and analyse your sales wins and losses. 

It’s all about deduction Mr Watson

Comprehensive, systematic, impartial and as bias-free as possible. Ongoing deduction and analysis to solve the mystery of why your business wins, keeps and loses deals. Delivering powerful Intelligence transforming your company into a sales machine.

We come at Win-Loss from two angles.

The enterprise and the investor


Gain a deep understanding of the needs of your buyers to:

  • Strengthen your sales strategy.
  • Improve success rates.
  • Grow market share. 
  • Increase your certainty about why you won or lost that deal.


Let Sherlock solve the mystery of how successful their sales are:

Before investment

  • Understand what their customer really think about them.
  • Determine how unique their offering is.
  • Confirm and verify their client list. 

After you invest

  • Understand why they win and lose sales.
  • Determine how well their sales and marketing teams perform with a view to improving their success rate.
  • Confirm and verify the state of their customer base.

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How we do it

  • Where are your knowledge gaps, concerns and blind spots? We work with you to determine the questions associated with a purchasing decision. Define your sales team ability, pricing, contracts and your offering’s features and benefits.
  • We conduct impartial, unbiased interviews with sales decision-makers. To discuss why you won or lost deals.
  • We analyse the interactions. We define the overall key findings and trends. We report back to you within an agreed time frame.
  • Over several successful and failed deals, allow us to offer recommendations. About your sales process and approach, value proposition perceived features, benefits and USPs.

Win more than you lose

Use our results to praise sales and after-sales teams. Suggest new ways of working without unwarranted singling out individual salespeople for criticism. With our impartial Win-Loss, you will experience marginal gains. And an increase in sales because:

  • Understand why do you win. It’s not usually just about an excellent sales presentation. 
  • Why you sometimes lose. And it’s rarely the case that you were just too expensive. 
  • You will know exactly why the competition wins.
  • Be able to counter your competitors’ efforts in taking work from you.
  • You will better understand market needs and redefine your go-to-market differentiation.
  • Know your competitors and market inside out.
  • Understand how to improve your product or services.
  • And why some customers are unable to make any decision at all? Many lost opportunity interviews. reveal they ended up not choosing anybody. Opening a closed door to be opened again.

It will open your eyes to opportunities.

Get in touch today, and solve the mysteries of sales success with Sherlock Win/Loss analysis. And remember, they would have got away with it if it was not for those pesky kids….

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