Win-Loss for investors

Let us solve the mystery of how successful their sales are before & after investment

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Win-loss for investors

Win-loss for investors has being created to solve the mystery of how successful their sales are:

Before investment

  • Understand what their customer really think about them.
  • Determine how unique their offering is.
  • Confirm and verify their client list. 

After you invest

  • Understand why they win and lose sales.
  • Determine how well their sales and marketing teams perform to improve their success rate.
  • Confirm and verify the state of their customer base.

Don’t take their word for it.

You win some deals, you lose some deals. But the smart investor uses Octopus win-loss to understand the sales performance of companies invested in or about about to invest in. Companies seeking funding will tell you they have many happy customers.

Those not hitting their revenue targets will tell the investor anything to get them off their back. We verify and gain an understanding of their customer base and what they think of them.

The benefits are clear

Use our results to appraise the success of their sales and after-sales teams. Suggest new ways of working without unwarranted singling out individual salespeople for criticism. With our impartial win-loss, you will experience marginal gains. And increase your certainty with current and potential investments:

  • Understand why they win and why they struggle.
  • You will know exactly why the competition wins.
  • Better understand market needs and redefine their go-to-market differentiation.
  • Know their competitors and market inside out.
  • Understand how to improve your product or services.
  • Turn around an investment that’s causing you concern.
  • It will open your eyes to opportunities and isolate poor performance before investing.

Win-loss for investors is the secret

Get in touch today, and solve the mysteries of their sales success with Octopus Win/Loss analysis.

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