Understand how to win with Scenario Planning

Understand your options to solve problems. Identify uncertainties and predict what the future is going to look like and how you will need to change

What are your competitors going to do?

Your market shifts and swings one way to another with or without you. Sometimes these shifts are not significant for you. Other times you get a kick up the backside. So it’s vital that you can see what’s coming so you can grab it with both hands or get out of the way.

What options do you have?

Scenario Planning is a strategic planning tool that helps to make flexible long-term plans. And with this tool, we work with you to understand the potential actions open to yourself, the market and competitors.

Our scenario planning challenges thinking and encourage your team to get out of their comfort zone. To face potential challenges, head-on. 

  • To collaborate and debate
  • Help identify opportunities and encourage innovative ideas
  • To create a future for your organisation
  • Test potential strategies
  • Be prepared for problems to become more resilient

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Why Scenario Planning?

We live in a world that your business faces current and future competitive challenges that will result in multiple alternative outcomes. We use Scenario Planning to help you prepare for numerous situations and develop a broader, more realistic approach to assess your current marketplace. 

To help you predict their future actions

Scenario planning considers the tomorrows and prepares you for it while creating a productive debate within your organisation. Most if not all decisions you make will have some element of uncertainty within it. So we work with you to:

  • Develop conclusions by assessing the choices open to you and the best case predictions. 
  • Identify a specific set of uncertainties and potential different future “realities” of your business. 
  • To isolate unlikely situations which could happen. Planning for the worst and hope for the best

How we use Scenario Planning

We work with you to identify your uncertainties. By helping you answer questions like:

  • What’s going to be the big future moves in your market sector, society, technology, economics and politics, 
  • How is it going to affect you? 
  • What can we do to make of the most of a certain of technology or trend?

We then identify your critical uncertainties that are likely to impact on your operation the most, then develop a range of plausible scenarios and the associated implications each scenario could entail for your business.

We then assess each scenario’s impact and implications and decide if you need to change your strategy. And from this, we help build your objectives, find new opportunities, what customers you need to find, and understand which competitors you will face. Any new opportunities? 

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What else can we do for you?

What are they planning?


  • Understand competitor business models
  • How they are planning to out flank you?
  • Why they are doing what they do?
  • And why your customers could be attracted to them?

Make better decisions and take action


  • Improve your productivity by focusing on winnable activities and pitches
  • Provide an early warning of competitive threats
  • Make better strategic decisions and take action
  • Isolate and take advantage of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to stay ahead of the game

Where are they winning?


  • Be more informed and open to innovation
  • Stay fresh in the industry
  • Create exciting value propositions
  • Identify alternative marketing channels your competitors are successfully (or not) using to market their products and services

Confidential and unbiased


  • Completely impartial Intelligence
  • Critical and focused and will save you time and money
  • Unbiased news, views, truth and relevant analysis
  • Allow us to talk to people without fear of compromise or embarrassment