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Understand where you stand in the market, the level of risk you are exposed to and how we can protect your reputation.

The three biggest elements that can significantly impact on your competitive advantage are competition, technology, and reputation.

Intelligent Reputation Management

In today’s markets the three biggest elements that can significantly impact a business, either positively or negatively on profit and growth are competition, technology, and reputation. Each of these areas present both risk and opportunity.

Increase reputation, and profits go up. Take a hit, and it can either significantly stunt your firm, or even take it under. Fall behind in the technology race and you could no longer exist in five years. 

Move too fast with it, and you could suffer irreparable reputation damage from breach. Most dangerous of all is the thing your competitor will do next, that you don’t know about. And the opportunity that is missed for you to gain reputation in the context of your competitor. Every great firm needs a worthy adversary.

In an age of breakneck digital disruption, the fastest news cycle in history, and unprecedented aggressive competition in the marketplace, traditional auditing and consultancy tools no longer cut the mustard.

Several high-profile cases recently have proved this. Who is asking the right questions? Who is applying disciplined intelligence methodology? And who is seeing through corporate babble and hyperbole?

Cutting through the noise

With a global reach and client base, Octopus provides a bespoke service for firms who wish to gain insight into “what is going on” across their market, where the threats lie and what to do about them.

With its deep understanding of the marketplace, Octopus acts both as an intelligence gatherer and advisor, taking an analytic and evidence-based approach to information gathered.

We gather critical intelligence on reputation, to help you manage risk, supporting you across your company’s milestones, regions and markets. Our work helps you achieve better understanding with stakeholders and potential clients, not just of your services and products, but also in you and what your company stands for.

Octopus is a highly experienced team, which has gained its experience from careers in intelligence, reputation management, technological innovation and management at the highest level, Octopus briefings are trusted by some of the world’s best known and fastest growing companies.

And that’s Intelligent Reputation Management.

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