Product marketing intelligence.

We provide product marketing teams with insights to channel your marketing to stand out from the crowd.

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Without understanding your competitors’ positioning, you may find your campaigns focus on ubiquitous features. And benefits well past their sell-by date.

We provide product marketing teams with insights to channel your marketing to stand out from the crowd so that precious resources are not wasted. We provide product Marketing Intelligence.

Gathering product marketing intelligence takes time. The time most marketing teams don’t have. Gathering information and data. Talking to the right people to get the insights you need.

We have the expertise and capacity to collect the relevant insights you need to build a brilliant strategy. With our product-focused competitive intelligence underpinning your product marketing, you can be assured your product strategy is the best it can be.

Are you launching new products/services, or entering a new industry sector or market? We can analyse your competitors, industries, and markets, to provide you with the clarity to see how your competitors are doing and what your potential customer really need.

Working with Octopus is easy

We can work with your way of doing things. But usually, you get in touch via email, social media, or telephone. We find an agreeable time for an informal no-obligation chat. Working with Octopus Intelligence is easy.

We ask pertinent questions and listen to you & your answers. No sales just listening to understand where your pain is. We just get to understand your needs. Then we put your needs into words and propose a way to provide you with a solution. We develop a set of questions you need answering to solve your problem.

Insight with product Marketing Intelligence

We then get on with it and undertake the project keeping you in the loop. Present our findings & recommendations and discuss the next steps.

We can work with you in any way you wish. Everyone has their own unique needs, & no size fits all. No project is ever the same.

Some clients come to us when they have just a specific need. Others retain us to ensure they are covered for all eventualities. At the same time, some ask us to monitor their competitors & market sector.

We are even able to introduce a competitive intelligence function into a company. On a gradual, ongoing basis & building things up.

And we would love to help

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of your world-changing. Of people connecting, contacts changing, customer’s needs evolving. And competitors disrupting your market.

You can’t slow it down. And you can’t avoid it. You can’t stop it.

But you can stay ahead by innovating, modernising, and delivering what’s needed.

Product marketing intelligence

By knowing what’s happening next.

By using competitive intelligence, and product marketing intelligence.

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