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“Thank you for all the work in supporting our global competitive intelligence needs. It’s a great partnership that provides value to our businesses”.

Global product manager of a global manufacturer

Competitive intelligence for product managers

Our usable & practical competitive Intelligence is a must-have for product managers to understand their markets better, decide where to pitch against competitors & know what’s next.

There’s more to competitive intelligence than pretty battle cards & status quo encouraging benchmarking.

  • Give your products a future-proofed competitive advantage
  • Make products that you know will be resilient, robust, scalable and ready to compete & win
  • Understand competitor products & how they plan to outflank you
  • Why your customers could be attracted to them
  • Get early warning of competitive threats
  • Identify & exploit other marketing channels your competitors use 

“The majority of our product managers reports have so much impact they are actively used by their CEO to help in their future planning”.

It’s critical that your products stay strong, creative & innovative.

Our competitive intelligence, together with our strong, focused & determined support for our clients

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