Playing to win Explainer and Template

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Are You an Advantaged Player or Just One of the Ordinary?

Discover what sets the industry leaders apart and learn how to elevate your game to join their ranks! Dive deep into the playing-to-win strategy framework and identify whether you’re setting the pace or just trying to keep up.

🚀 Advantaged vs. Ordinary Players

  • Advantaged Players: Lead with distinction. Their unmatched competitive edge propels them to dominate the market.
  • Ordinary Players: Struggle to differentiate. They’re often caught in price wars, hoping to get a piece of the market share.

🔍 How to Spot an Advantaged Player?

  • Distinctive capabilities hard to replicate
  • A value proposition that resonates deeply with customers
  • Strategic business models that truly differentiate
  • A proactive, not reactive, approach to strategy
  • And much more…

🧐 What Defines an Ordinary Player?

  • Conforming to industry norms without a unique edge
  • Often imitating others instead of innovating
  • Limited to incremental improvements
  • Risk-averse, lacking disruptive thinking

📌 Ready to Understand Your Position and Craft a Winning Strategy?

Discover the 5 Essential Strategic Choices:

  1. Winning Aspiration: Define your ultimate goal.
  2. Where to Play: Pinpoint your ideal battleground.
  3. How to Win: Carve out your unique value.
  4. Capabilities Needed: Align your strengths to your strategy.
  5. Management Systems: Implement processes that drive success.

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Understanding your competitors is key whether you’re an established business or a startup. Our template, inspired by the wisdom of “Playing to Win” by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin, introduces provides a step-by-step template to hopefully assist your competitive analysis.

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