Planning and Decision Intelligence Questions

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Planning and decision intelligence questions

This article presents examples of planning and decision intelligence questions to assist your own question preparation. Great questions are the best way to create great intelligence. However, it’s not just a case thinking up a smart question to catch all about a competitor or market. You have to guide the decision maker to take action.

What are they planning?

  • What does your competitor do? – Not as simple and straightforward question as it seems.
  • Do their actions match their words?
  • Where do they compete, which customers and niches?
  • How are they going fight in the future?
  • Are their strategic objectives achievable and will they clash with yours?
  • What options do we have to compete in this changing world?
  • How will you differentiate against them? Can you isolate vulnerabilities to exploit?
  • What new products or services are they developing? – This question aims to understand the competitor’s innovation pipeline and potential market disruptions.
  • How are they allocating their resources? – Understanding resource allocation (like budget, manpower, and technology) can reveal their strategic priorities.
  • What partnerships or alliances are they forming? – This can indicate market expansion plans, technology sharing, or efforts to strengthen supply chains.
  • What changes are they making in their leadership or management teams? – Leadership changes often signal shifts in strategy or culture.
  • What kind of talent are they recruiting? – The skills and expertise they seek can hint at future strategic moves.
  • What marketing strategies are they employing? – This sheds light on their target segments and positioning efforts.
  • What technological advancements are they investing in? – Understanding their focus on technology can reveal innovation or efficiency improvement plans.
  • How are they responding to regulatory changes or political shifts? – This can indicate adaptability and long-term sustainability.
  • What customer feedback or market trends are they reacting to? This can help us understand their market perception and adaptability.
  • What are their financial health and investment patterns? – Financial analysis can provide insights into their capability to fund new initiatives or withstand market downturns.


  • What is their buying system for the MOD, and what is the best route to market?
  • Who is backing them, and what is their real financial state?
  • What is their pricing strategy?
  • What’s their real financial performance?
  • What are the implications for our company if we move into that market?
  • What is the planned filing procedure in Europe for regulatory approval?
  • Also, what’s the dosage of the drug?
  • Is the company aiming for a premium price?
  • What about their marketing strategies?
  • Which companies should we acquire to develop market share in that area?
  • Should we move into that market?
  • How do our competitors plan to compete for the future?
  • What is their vision, their strategic intent?
  • How committed are they to achieving their declared Strategic objectives?
  • How and where might their objectives conflict with ours?
  • What are the options open to us for dealing with unfolding new realities?
  • Does their performance and activities match the mission? If not, why not?
  • What vulnerabilities can we exploit? Where do we not want to compete with them?
  • How should we adjust our pricing strategy in response to theirs? – This question addresses the need to make strategic decisions regarding pricing to stay competitive or differentiate.
  • What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) we should monitor to assess our market position relative to our competitors? – This helps in making informed decisions based on measurable outcomes.
  • Which technological investments should we prioritise to stay ahead or catch up with the competitor? – This focuses on deciding where to allocate resources in technology for competitive advantage.
  • Should we consider forming alliances or partnerships to strengthen our market position? This involves evaluating the benefits and risks of strategic alliances.
  • What customer segments or niches have we overlooked that our competitors are capitalising on? – This question aids in identifying new market opportunities.
  • How must we evolve our marketing strategies to counter our competitors effectively? – This addresses the need for adaptive and proactive marketing decisions.
  • Should we adjust our investment strategies considering our competitors’ financial health? This involves decisions on financial strategy based on competitor analysis.
  • What regulatory changes or industry trends should we anticipate based on our competitors’ actions? – Aims at strategic planning in response to industry shifts.
  • Should we reevaluate our leadership or management structures to compete better? – Focuses on internal decision-making related to organisational structure.
  • Given our competitors’ strategic objectives, how should we realign our own to maintain or gain a competitive edge? – This is about strategic realignment in response to competitor analysis.

This article was called Planning and Decision Intelligence Questions.

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