Global, Bespoke, People-Powered Biotech, Pharma Competitive Intelligence, Competitor Analysis.

Answering questions you need to ask. Finding those answers, your life science competitors will not want you to know. Using intelligence techniques and secondary and primary research to answer agreed questions, usually about your market or competitors.

The questions you can’t ask but would love to know the answer. We talk to Pharma industry insiders, former and current competitors’ employees and customers. Building a picture, analysing the data, and creating insight.

In healthcare, the pressure from costs, competition, and regulations is intense. To navigate this complex environment, you need reliable competitive intelligence.

All competitive intelligence projects are managed, directed and delivered by the Octopus team in the UK and US.

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Biotech and Pharma Competitive Intelligence Services

Navigate the Pharma, Medical Device and Biotech world with Octopus Life Science Intelligence.

In healthcare, the pressure from costs, competition, and regulations is intense. To navigate this complex environment, you need reliable competitive intelligence. 

Our in-depth research expertise in Pharma and Biotech will help you create effective market strategies, pioneer new treatments, and improve existing therapies. Harness the true potential of competitive intelligence. Your decisions will become sharper, allowing you to seize opportunities while mitigating risks.

Octavus and Octopus have joined forces to present a comprehensive competitive and market intelligence service to the life sciences industries. We combine many years of experience with business acumen, relevant qualifications, and scientific acumen to trade as Octopus Life Science Intelligence. 

All competitive intelligence projects are managed, directed and delivered by the Octopus team in the UK and US. 

Why Primary Research Matters

Choose competitive intelligence backed by Ph.D.-level expertise. Our insights, rooted in primary research, ensure you’re using up-to-date information. Our methodologies provide critical insights that bolster your marketing, from interviews to site visits. We don’t rely on public data. We seek unpublished, timely, and field-specific information.

Elevate Your Competitive Edge

Our Healthcare & Life Sciences team, equipped with industry and scientific acumen, ensures you make optimal business decisions. From monitoring competitors to understanding their future objectives, we provide answers that drive strategic planning.

With our expert team, including PhD and MBA talents, we decode complex market challenges to offer strategic clarity. 

Our insights empower top-level decision-makers to comprehend their standing and chart a confident course in Pharma and Biotech.

Why Choose Octopus Intelligence?

Our blend of pharmaceutical experts and experienced business analysts craft tailored, competitive intelligence that strengthens your decision-making capability. With research spanning many countries, our team’s depth and breadth ensure you’re always a step ahead in the Pharma and Biotech sector.

Going Beyond Answers

Our approach goes beyond answering questions. We forge strategies and insights that anticipate the future, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve. This proactive stance covers regulatory issues, product lifecycle, market share preservation, and growth.

Let’s explore how Octopus Intelligence can transform your competitive landscape with strategic insights that drive success.

Experience Across Life Sciences

Our experience within pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and Biotech includes:

  • Business intelligence and data analytics requirements to track market insights.
  • Competitor Profile Research
  • Monitoring Pharmaceutical Product Development
  • Proactive Tracking of Competitors’ Drug Approvals
  • In-depth Medical Conference Insights. A one-stop solution for end-to-end conference coverage. From product intelligence gathering to booth analysis, we ensure complete capture of strategic events and support our clients in attaining the latest insights.
  • Key Opinion Leader Interviews
  • Evaluating Investment Opportunities and More
  • Entry and Defence Strategies
  • Market Sizing and Segmentation: Understand market position and identify new growth opportunities.
  • Key Market Trends and Emerging Opportunities Position strategically for growth and innovation.
  • Disease-focused Strategies from Oncology to Respiratory Diseases
  • Clinical Trials & New Drug Development Stay ahead with insights into the latest developments and trends in drug research.
  • Branding & Positioning Strategies Develop strategies that resonate with target audiences and differentiate your products.
  • R&D and Product Formulation Leverage our expertise to develop effective and marketable pharmaceutical solutions.
  • Product Launch & Differentiation Strategies Ensure effective market entry and differentiation in a competitive space.
  • Sales & Marketplace Dynamics Make informed decisions to maximise market presence.
  • Intellectual Property Tracking Maintain competitive advantage and protect innovations.
  • Indication or Asset Prioritisation
  • Social media Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Clinical Trial Analytics and Drug Development Decision-Making
  • Primary Market Research (Qual, Quant, FGD, IDIs, Concept/ Product Testing, Transcription, translation, content analysis, report writing)
  • Generics Intelligence: Track your generic competitor, supply background and other details
  • KOL & DOL identification, mapping and analytics
  • Deal & funding analysis (data collection, curation and analytics)