PESTLE analysis can help save you making mistakes

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PESTLE analysis can save you making mistakes

There are many issues with business that could catch you off guard and cost you dearly. PESTLE analysis can help you avoid those mistakes. This article is called PESTLE analysis can save you making mistakes. You would be wise to answer three key questions when looking at your strategic plan. As follows:

  • Where are we now? 
  • Where do we want to be? 
  • How will we get there?

Through the round window

You will need to know yourself before looking out the window. So gathering information on your team, leadership, customers, and suppliers is important. But what about where you think you need to stand in relation to your environment? A PESTLE analysis is an instrument we can use to accomplish this. Yes, you may have used this in business school and feel it’s too simple. But simple models are underrated as they allow you to think about the content. Not how the model works. In the UK, PESTLE analysis can be called STEP or STEEP analysis, but in this article, we will stick with our American cousins. 

When we look at a PESTLE evaluation, we look at the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors that might affect your business. Most of us don’t give much thought to these topics daily. So using PESTLE forces to consider how external factors like Politics, Economics, Society, Technology, Law, and the Environment could affect your business. We would unlikely notice or anticipate specific issues if we didn’t have a PESTLE approach. Let’s learn about how we can perform a PESTLE evaluation. We’ll use Cafe Nero as an example, for the only reason is that I am sitting in one while writing this article.

We consider how governmental policy might affect our business and strategies for success in this section. How can government policy affect Cafe Nero? Since the UK and the United States don’t produce that much coffee, almost all (if any) of Cafe Nero’s products must be imported. 

Government policy

How likely is our government to alter its taxation policy on imported products? Immigration policies may affect Cafe Nero’s workforce availability. Or indeed the policies of countries where the coffee is grown. 

What economic variables might negatively impact Nero’s performance? Cafe Nero coffee is not the least expensive way to obtain a caffeine rush. How might a recession alter their customers’ buying habits? How can Nero provide lower-priced alternatives to maintain client loyalty? What effect might changing interest rates have on the cost of capital in Cafe Nero?

Social change

Is the Nero market affected by social factors such as cultural trends, demographic changes, and changing consumer preferences? Are consumers demanding that workers throughout the supply chain be paid a living wage, or are fewer people going out for coffee? How do different demographics (Gen-X, Millennials, etc.) view the brand and consume the product? And how will demographic alterations affect its markets?

Also, will Nero use artificial intelligence to determine when to send me the perfect advertisement on my smartphone? Or encourage me into their premises. How can Cafe Nero use technology to move customers through their stores? Will Cafe Nero introduce drive-throughs? Minor improvements in throughput can have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. What about changing employment laws throughout the countries where they work?

Will Nero’s business or, indeed, your company be affected by alterations in environmental regulations and attitudes? How will global warming affect the countries where its coffee is produced? How will environmental burdens be shifted onto you due to environmental regulations?

PESTLE analysis can save you making mistakes

Many things can significantly impact a company like Nero’s and your company as well! So make sure you look ahead and plan for changes in your field by using the PESTLE analysis.

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