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We create the insight you can do something with.

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How are we going to act on, resolve and manage the results?

Be better informed with Oversight

  • Come to Oversight with everything you find from Hindsight, Insight and Foresight
  • Create a cohesive operating action plan delivered by Octopus or your team
  • To make sure you never get caught short
  • Be always ready to pounce on opportunities with Oversight

What are you going to do about it?

To produce any kind of progress, everything you learn about your competitors, your customers and your market must be translated into engaging propositions and action. It’s fine having the intelligence, but to work hard for you, you need to communicate your purpose to the world so the world knows what you’re all about.

To do this means defining your offering in a simple, memorable, yet highly desirable way. In our experience, many businesses can exploit gaps in the market that they didn’t know were there simply by clearly defining their offering – even if this means adjusting it. 

Create a clear picture of where you are now and where you want to be, and offer the options open to you.

Make it happen

In today’s markets, the three most prominent elements can significantly impact your business. Either positively or negatively on your profit and growth are your competition, technology and reputation. 

Ensure your business is resilient, robust, scalable and ready for the fight. And, then build your growth plan by aligning your resources for:

  • Business strategy and product development
  • Pricing and distribution
  • Sales, business development
  • Marketing and communications
  • Reputation and risk management

Make the right decisions

Rather than jumping on the latest fad or just merely copying a competitor. It is about determining your needs, how you can neutralise potential problems and maximise previously unforeseen opportunities. Provide strength, advantage and clarity by:

  • By supporting and integrating changes to your organisation, operations, systems, policy and strategy
  • Then enabling strategy makers, board members and senior leaders to make effective decisions


And yes, we can also help you with resolution and keep it on track. We give you everything you need to build both transformational short and long-term strategies. 

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