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At Octopus, we have broken what we do into five core services to help you thrive and to give you the answers you need to know to increase your competitive advantage, increase sales and beat your competitors.

Competitive Intelligence Services

With our people-powered competitive intelligence, you can achieve a deep understanding of your competitors and the market landscape. We equip you with the critical insights to foresee competitor strategies and excel in new markets.

  • Predict Competitor Moves: Stay ahead by knowing your competitors’ next steps.
  • Enter New Markets Confidently: Access essential data to launch successfully and gain an early advantage.
  • Informed Decision Making: Make strategic decisions that create growth and reduce risks.
  • Tailored Insights: Our research is customised to pinpoint competitor vulnerabilities and monitor evolving market trends.

Explore deep into competitor tactics not just to keep up but to lead:

  • Pricing Strategies: Uncover how your competitors set their pricing and what they actually charge to position your offerings better. 
  • Sales Techniques: Learn from their sales approaches to refine your own strategies.
  • Key Customer Insights: Identify their main customers and understand their needs to target your marketing better.
  • Proactive Strategy Adjustment: Anticipate their forthcoming initiatives and adapt your strategies dynamically to maintain a competitive edge.

By understanding nuanced customer needs and competitor strategies, you can pivot your business approach to outperform the competition.

Outpace them, understand customer needs and pivot your strategy. 

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Competitor Analysis, Profiling & Benchmarking

We have simplified our competitive intelligence offering to focus on competitors. Our services help you stay ahead of the game with competitor analysis, profiling, and benchmarking. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your competitors’ strategies and benchmark your performance to not only keep pace but excel.

  • Understand Competitor Strategies: Dive into how your competitors secure their market position and win business. Understand their go-to-market messaging and how they sell their products.
  • Benchmark Performance: Measure and compare your strategies and results against industry leaders to identify areas for improvement.
  • Actionable Insights: Leverage our detailed analysis to fine-tune your business strategies and enhance your competitive edge.

Competitive Edge:

Sharpen your market strategy by comparing and contrasting with competitors:

  • Competitor Pricing and Metrics: Discover how competitors price their goods and manage their operations.
  • Performance Comparison: Directly compare your performance with your competitors to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.
  • Product Insights: Understand their current and upcoming products to anticipate market trends.
  • Investment Decisions: Evaluate their potential for acquisition or investment to make informed strategic decisions.

To stay ahead continuously, choose the engagement model that suits your needs: project-based, retained, or fractional services.

By deeply analysing and understanding your competition, you can match and surpass them in the race for market dominance.

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Market Intelligence Services

Enhance your business strategy with our comprehensive Market Intelligence services. We provide detailed analyses of market trends, competitor performance, and industry dynamics to equip you with a holistic view of your sector.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis: Delve into detailed evaluations of market trends, sizes, and segmentation to understand the landscape thoroughly.
  • Risk Minimisation: Proactively identify and assess potential risks, allowing you to mitigate them before they impact your business.
  • Opportunity Identification: Detect and capitalise on unique opportunities to surpass your competitors.
  • Strategic Decision Support: Leverage our robust insights and thinking across all your critical business decisions, from new investments to product launches.

Move forward with confidence by understanding the forces shaping your market:

  • Trend Analysis: Keep abreast of current trends to stay ahead of industry shifts.
  • Market Forecasting: Predict future market movements to prepare and position your company better.
  • Industry Dynamics: Understand the key factors influencing your industry and how they can affect your business.
  • Market Entry Strategies: Determine the most promising new markets for expansion and tailor your entry strategies to maximise success.
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Corporate Investigations

Protect your investments and maintain your company’s integrity with Octopus. We offer meticulous and discreet services to navigate commercial risks and opportunities:

  • Comprehensive Surveillance: We monitor potential investment risks and competitive activities globally, ensuring you have all the facts before making strategic decisions.
  • Deep-Dive Investigations: Our detailed assessments help uncover hidden truths and clarify complex situations, from internal disputes to external threats.
  • Risk and Opportunity Analysis: Whether entering new markets or developing new relationships, we identify and analyse potential commercial, regulatory, and reputational risks.
  • Prevent Financial Loss: By detecting and addressing vulnerabilities early, we help you avoid financial and reputational damage and support your company’s stability and growth.
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Geopolitical Insight

Gain a competitive edge with our Geopolitical Insight services, where we decode global market dynamics to support your international ambitions:

  • Global Market Analysis: Understand potential markets’ socio-economic and political landscapes to make informed decisions.
  • Risk Compliance and Management: Navigate complex global regulations, from anti-bribery policies to modern slavery laws, ensuring full compliance and ethical operation.
  • Strategic Market Entry: We provide tailored insights to help you launch and expand in new regions, avoiding common pitfalls and maximising opportunities.
  • Local Expert Networks: Our extensive global connections offer real-time, on-ground insights, giving you the upper hand in foreign markets.
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Why Choose Octopus?

Choosing Octopus means partnering with a leader in intelligence and investigations, where you gain data and a strategic partner dedicated to enhancing your business strategy.

Our Expertise

  • Expert Analysis and Discretion: Our skilled team handles sensitive information with the utmost confidentiality, delivering actionable insights tailored to your specific needs.
  • Proactive Strategic Solutions: We anticipate potential challenges and provide strategic solutions to keep you ahead of threats, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge.
  • Advanced Technology: We use cutting-edge tools and methodologies to bring you comprehensive intelligence that decisively influences business outcomes.
  • Global Reach, Local Insight: Our extensive network offers in-depth geopolitical analysis, enabling you to understand and effectively navigate international markets.

Our Promise

  • Real-World Knowledge: We provide relevant, actionable, strategic insights supporting your business decisions.
  • Customised Solutions: Our services are tailored to meet your industry and company-specific challenges.
  • Transform Challenges into Opportunities: Whether it’s understanding competitors better or analysing new markets, our expertise is your advantage.

Transform Challenges into Strategic Opportunities

With Octopus, navigating the complexities of modern business environments becomes simpler. We help you turn industry challenges into opportunities, providing the support needed for long-term success. Whether dealing with internal vulnerabilities or exploring the potential in international markets, Octopus is here to ensure you thrive.

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