An alphabetical list of our services

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Strategic Intelligence

Our Strategic Intelligence offerings include:
  • Benchmarking competitor best practices and performance  
  • Competitive analysis or market landscape analysis  
  • Competitive Intelligence  
  • Competitor analysis  
  • Competitor deep-dive  
  • Creation and management of Battlecards  
  • Customer analytics  
  • Customer intelligence  
  • Due diligence and background checking  
  • Emerging technologies evaluation  
  • Financial analysis  
  • Futurism  
  • Isolation of sales leads  
  • M&A screening and evaluation  
  • Market analysis
  • Market assessment
  • Market attractiveness  
  • Market entry strategy  
  • Market research  
  • Market segmentation  
  • Market sizing and forecasting  
  • Media monitoring  
  • On site investigations  
  • On site visits and interviews  
  • OSINT collection  
  • Partner identification  
  • Political risk, issue and industry analysis  
  • Red team analysis  
  • Sales lead identification  
  • Scenario analysis  
  • Scenario and traffic analysis  
  • Scenario Planning  
  • Sector roadmapping  
  • Strategic partner identification  
  • Technology benchmarking  
  • Technology roadmapping  
  • Trend analysis  
  • Trend radars  
  • Value chain assessment  
  • Wargaming  
  • Win-loss analysis  

Investigations and due diligence

Investigations work to support Strategic Intelligence 
  • Anti-slavery investigations
  • Background investigations  
  • Corporate affiliations  
  • Deep due diligence and background checking
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) investigations
  • Identification, analysis and diligence of M+A, alliance, partnership opportunities  
  • Individual’s wealth assessment  
  • Litigation support complex legal investigation  
  • Reputation issues  
And mainly for the investment world:
  • Appraisal packages
  • Decisive investor readiness
  • Development, BD and growth mapping
  • Fiscal performance tracking
  • Forensic data analysis
  • Forensic investor analysis
  • Future-proofing insights and recommendation
  • Integrated intelligence service modules
  • Intelligence-based financial oversights
  • M&A pre-qualification process
  • Market trends and predictions
  • Monitoring & management indicators 
  • Precision forecasting & troubleshooting  
  • Robust project management oversight
  • Verification and qualification packages
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