OSINT & Fieldcraft

OSINT & Fieldcraft requires a great deal of time to analyse the collected information

OSINT & Fieldcraft: Open Source Intelligence is the collection and collation of Intelligence from the public domain. Yes, OSINT can be found on Google, Bing, other specialist search engines and the deep web. Also well as pay walled databases. This is Open Source.

To make the most of OSINT requires a great deal of time to analyse the collected information. But just like all Intelligence before you start you have to understand what you are looking for.

What is OSINT?

It may sound obvious, but if you begin without this understanding, all you will get is lots of information. Probably too much information. Like Competitive Intelligence, it is essential to define what you are looking for, generally – the topics of tour search and investigation criteria. Then drill down by specifying well thought out questions.

How to use OSINT

  • Determine what you are looking for
  • Define a set of questions you need answering
  • Understand where you will find the information you are looking for
  • Collect the relevant information using search engines, databases and tools. We will soon have a database of Osint sources
  • Verify what you find
  • Collate the data into appropriate piles
  • Analyse the information you find
  • Determine if you answered the questions
  • Report the information
  • Review the project and determine if you need to collect more information

OSINT covers everything including:

  • Name, address and other basic details
  • Career development
  • Email and phone
  • Associated addresses
  • Social media 
  • Media checks
  • Credit checks
  • Compliance and sanctions
  • Political exposure
  • Land Registry
  • Property valuation
  • Aircraft and boat ownership
  • Data leaks
  • Patient search
  • National and international directorships
  • Offshore company officer searches
  • Current and previous litigation
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency checks
  • County court judgements
  • Deep web search

This page will develop into an ever growing database of OSINT and fieldcraft tools.

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