Octopus Tentacles All Over False Sustainability Claims to Help Companies Operate on a Level Ethical Playing Field

[Nottingham & London, United Kingdom]: Octopus Intelligence today announced the Competitor Ethical Standards Report and Internal Business Ethics Review; New services to meet the demand for upholding ethical trading standards in modern global business. False sustainability claims were made to customers.

 “We have witnessed and received complaints of companies who gain an unfair advantage by exaggerating or being dishonest about their sustainability practices, green credentials and ethical trading standards”.

By allowing competitors to benefit from dishonesty, companies could be losing business and allowing them to thrive unfairly. Similarly, if a part of a your supply chain is not operating to the standards you expect, you could be inches away from a PR disaster at any moment.

Knowingly or unknowingly acting to a low ethical trading standard is bad practice and has a continuous knock-on effect. It is important to consistently evaluate what is going on in your organisation and around you.

“I have seen with my own eyes modern-day slavery taking place and UK Builders Merchants none the wiser on what was going on. They believed it was audited by the UK supplier. They had even been out to the countries to check for themselves”. says Graeme Dixon, founder at Octopus Intelligence. “My client was losing millions by doing the right thing to these people who were cutting corners and most importantly slavery was still happening. Why? because they believed no one would check”.

Ethical standards reviews and reports are available immediately. For more information on visit https://www.octopusintelligence.com/ethical-standards-reviews-and-reports/

About Octopus Intelligence:

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The Competitor Ethical Standards Report – helps clients to understand how their competitors operate around the world. Including in the parts they would rather keep quiet. You can determine if their sustainability and socially responsible company claims match their actions. Before working with Octopus to form a strategy on how best to use any information found.

The Internal Business Ethics Review – allows Octopus to discreetly evaluate a clients’ internal practices, such as supply chain, to uncover any vulnerabilities which could leave them exposed. The aim is to help ensure the client company can stand up to scrutiny and be proud of their ethical trading standards.


Octopus tentacles all over

This article is a press release – Octopus tentacles all over false sustainability and ethical claims.

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