Octopus Intelligence Network

We operate an international professional network of experts, researchers and analysts. A network designed by Competitive Intelligence specialists to provide a competitive edge to our members in their sector.  

We understand that Competitive Intelligence and Business Investigations is not just about the use of technology. We know that Market Analysis and Competitor Research has to focus on the person, with tech in a supporting role. 

As such, our members support the development of excellence in all areas of Intelligence and Corporate Investigations. 

We are spreading our ‘tentacles’ globally and into an ever-growing number of sectors, developing a culture of excellence across the gamut of Intelligence and Corporate Investigations. 

There are two ways that you can get involved depending on certain variables:

The Octopus Intelligence Network Working Together To Certainty, Insight, Competitive Advantage & Growth

Octopus Research Associate 

As a Research Associate, you are part of an intelligence network that works for your interests. An Intelligence network that is spreading its ‘tentacles’ all around the world. 

Memberships free – Now and forever. We pay for your time, expertise and work.

Membership is relatively simple, and all we ask is that you allow us to offer you work. We let you know the questions that need answering. We agree on a fee, and then it is up to you. And we also ask that you never surprise us. Keep us up to date on progress, even if it’s bad news. 

And if you agree to work with us, we expect you to do it to the best of your ability. Also, we will not judge if you decline work.

We do not expect exclusivity, and we would like you to consider acknowledging your membership by adding Octopus to your LinkedIn profile and other similar platforms. We would also appreciate the contribution of at least one relevant blog article annually.

And we will reward excellence with more work and geographical and sector exclusivity.

Strengthen your Knowledge

Being part of an intelligence network strengthens your knowledge, anticipates surprises, and creates positives from the challenges in the fluctuating conditions. And your network will bring customers to you. That’s the power of working together within the Octopus Intelligence Network

Lead Generation

As an Expert Associate or Research Associate, you will see how we operate. You may want to tell people about us. Any leads provided to us will be rewarded with a finders fee every time we are instructed to do work for the introduced client. 

At Octopus, we pride ourselves on not only doing things better for our clients but doing them with honesty, integrity and transparency. Ethical business behaviour delivered with more drive and creativity than our competitors, and always working for the advantage of our clients and researchers.

To register interest in becoming an integral part of the Octopus network please complete this online form:

It is all about doing the best possible work and trust. You can, of course, carry on doing your own work, but we ask that you don't use any Octopus resources without written permission. The simple reason is that any work containing the Octopus branding must have exceptional quality control and analysis before going to a client. If we find out, we will immediately terminate our relationship. Do you agree?

You understand there is no guarantee of work.

You understand you will be paid for the work you undertake on completion.

And you understand you, and associated work is covered by our Non-Disclosure Agreement, the Octopus privacy and data protection policies and our best-effort no stone unturned attitude.

You confirm that we support the Octopus Aims and Terms of Reference and wish to become a member of the Octopus Intelligence Network.

Octopus Expert Associate

As an industry expert, we call upon you to discuss your subject area. 

You will never be expected to compromise confidentiality, Non-Disclosure Agreements or put you in a conflict of interest. 

Memberships free – Now and forever. We pay an agreed rate for your time and knowledge. We never pay for information. 

You may wish to acknowledge your association, including perhaps also adding our details on Linkedin and other similar platforms should you choose to. 

To enquire or register interest, please complete this online form.

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