The 4 most effective ways leaders solve problems

This article offers the four most effective ways leaders solve problems. Leaders need to remain calm and be able to provide easy to understand problem-solving solutions.

1. Take time to think

If you have a severe problem on your hands, then you are going to find the pressure ramping up. But as a leader, you have to keep calm and resist doing something only for appearance's sake. Take time to think about the situation. A clear mind when everyone is running around with their heads on fire will calm your team down and clear their vision, to enable sensible thinking.

2. Right questions and answers

Try thinking about what the problem isn't. It is easier to find what isn't the problem than diving in looking for the issue. And it challenges your team to think differently. Look at the places the problem didn't occur and what it is not affecting. Then identify between the "is"; and the "is not's' and analyse the potential cause of the problem. Asking the right questions is the second of the four most effective ways leaders solve problems.

3, Simplicity and take action

Great leaders look for the simple solution to a problem. However, just because you can find a simple solution, it doesn't mean it will be easy to implement. Work has to be put into leading the design of the solution to make sure your team delivers. It is also wise to ensure problems are solved one at a time.

4. Make it happen

As a leader, you will deal with many business problems, so your team understands why they decided on the selected option and why it meets the objectives with the least risk. Then get the team to create ways to lessen the impact of the unavoidable risks.


We offered our thoughts on the 4 most effective ways leaders solve problems. Leaders need to be able to provide easy to understand problem-solving system. Also, take time to think, ask the right questions, keep it simple and then take decisive action. 

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