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Creating the insight you can do something with.

Each situation we work on unique. Subsequently, the first action is to fully understand what the situation is and what’s going on..

Who do we work with?

We work with, provide advice to and assist law firms, litigation funds and investors.  Also High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) in helping them in pre-litigation profiling and due diligence. And with high-end disputes finding information such as:

  • Individual’s wealth assessment
  • Background investigations
  • And corporate affiliations 
  • As well as reputation issues

Litigation support complex investigation

A typical pre-litigation report provides you with the information you need to make an informed decision on how financially worthwhile it is in pursuing legal action. Also determine the facts surrounding the case and other legal matters surrounding the claimm which will influence your decision to start court proceedings or not. Our typical concise, court-ready reports will include details on subjects like:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Also, winding-up orders
  • Property and asset 
  • Also, County Court Judgments
  • Companies House searches
  • Associated addresses
  • As well as their lifestyle situation
  • And are they alone, or will they receive support?

Complex Investigations

We can offer you sensitive and discreet investigations associated with most civil investigations including fraud, IP theft, counterfeiting and blackmail Also in-house theft, whistle blowing, modern slavery etc.

So our swift action, armed with trusted research, is required in situations like this minimises any potential financial and reputational damage, which could affect your clients or colleagues.

Also, we provide you with the results of the investigation. So you have a good understanding of the situation, how much of a problem it is. And then offer potential solutions before contacting your lawyer, regulators or the police. 

How we work

Therefore each situation we work on unique.  Subsequently, the first action is to fully understand what the situation is and what’s going on. Then we agree on the investigations strategy and conduct initial scoping. Determine who the best people to talk to. And isolate the relevant secondary sources. However, this investigation could also include surveillance, undercover investigator within your organisation and vehicle tracking. 

Finally, we will provide a report in a concise format which will include what we have found, determined as facts . And then offer possible options open to you. Interestingly, our litigation support complex legal investigation offering complements our Investment Intelligence and forensic Intelligence packages.

Our experience enables us to create competitor intelligence that will have a significant impact on your strategic planning.

We offer bespoke tools to immerse you into the competitor way of thinking, test assumptions and identify what’s needed to secure long-term competitor advantage.

So the outcome is? Your future growth mapped out with a better marketing strategy. Future-proofing your business with sustainable transformation, business development and effective marketing.

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