Literature Review & GAP Analysis: Competitive Intelligence Case Study

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Literature Review & GAP Analysis: Competitive Intelligence Case Study

We undertook a comprehensive literature review and gap analysis for a client. It delivered monthly newsletters to update them on the latest research in specific Mechanisms of Action (MOAs) and indications. The objective was to provide our client with insights into the current research landscape and identify potential gaps.

You Know How

Staying abreast of the latest research and identifying unclaimed opportunities is very important in biopharma. The client needed a systematic approach to understanding the literature on specific MOAs and indications. They risked missing critical research trends and opportunities to develop innovative products without this.

What We Did

To address the client’s needs, we extracted data from PubMed and included additional data points like article type, author names and affiliations, and company associations. We then cleaned the data and developed interactive dashboards to visualise and generate multiple insights—a crucial process to help the client understand the focus areas of current research. We provided a snapshot of key takeaways via a monthly newsletter from recent papers and correlated gap analyses to highlight areas with less research activity.

What They Got

The client received a comprehensive and structured analysis that included a detailed overview of the literature on specific MOAs and indications, enriched with additional data points for deeper insights. The analysis also included a set of interactive dashboards that offered a clear visualisation of research trends and focus areas. A detailed monthly newsletter that summarises key findings and highlights research gaps.

The Result Was

Our analysis enabled the client to understand existing and ongoing research thoroughly. Insights that helped them identify unclaimed molecules and focus their product development efforts. The gap analysis provided in the newsletters isolated areas with less research activity, guiding the client towards potential opportunities for innovation.

This case study demonstrates the importance of a detailed literature review and gap analysis in understanding the research landscape and identifying strategic opportunities for product development.

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