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Drawn from a variety of clinical, oncology, pharma, access to market, ICCF and GPO backgrounds.

The life science intelligence team is drawn from a variety of clinical, oncology, pharma, access to market, ICCF and GPO backgrounds.

And we have many years of pharma experience, so our analysts answer the questions you need to ask with access to large oncology, nutraceutical and life sciences networks.

And we would love to hear from you.

So we know the right people to speak to create to answers your questions. Above all, questions about clinical trials, new drug development lifecycle/landscape, retail price point, branding and positioning. Also, R&D and product formulation. And, sales, marketplace, product launch and differentiation strategies, as well as access to market.

Regulatory issues and approaches, market share preservation and also growth, current and future RFP, contracting, promotional, M&A and expansion plans.

Also, we can track patents and all other forms of intellectual property.


Octopus supports pharmaceutical, medtech and digital health companies to find critical intelligence so they can sell more products and services into the NHS.

We work with the secondary care teams in NHS England, Scotland and Wales and also lead a network with all of the English CCGs involved, providing:

  • Understanding drivers and barriers to optimise market access
  • Also, Understanding funding flows and influencer mapping
  • Identifying KOLs and internal product champions
  • And, exploring policy maker, commissioner and provider needs, behaviours and attitudes
  • Also, undertake primary market research – group surveys and individual research
  • Landscaping the NHS environment to identify market access points.
  • Pricing and understanding value in the post-reforms NHS
  • Developing and testing tools and data instruments with payers
  • Identifying the mechanics and realities of the private sector
  • Exploring company image and benchmarking NHS team performance
  • Identify competitors and substitutes.
  • And, identify market size – total and addressable.
  • Identify market CAGR and projections.
  • Undertake market segmentation.
  • Also, identify macro environmental PESTEL factors effecting the NHS
  • And identify market barriers to entry and competitive advantages.
  • Identify quick market access opportunities.
  • Isolate value chain analysis and identified area of focus.
  • Identify and suggest routes to market strategy options.

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